After spending the night away with my husband Peter at a nearby retreat. I awoke to a beautiful sunrise and headed home bright and early to start the day with my children. We live near a major city and morning traffic can be pretty hectic. In fact, we have terrible traffic almost any time of the day or night!  As I admired the beautiful landscape God created for me to enjoy in the sky that morning, I noticed that I was low on gas, but I was in a hurry to get home to my kids.

I got home and spent a few precious moments with my eldest son before he headed out the door to school. I cherish each moment I have with him because I know they are fleeting. He is a junior in the Honor’s College of a local University, where he carries a full load of classes and heads up several extra-curricular activities all the while juggling an internship at a consulting firm, and the affections of a young lady.

Shortly after he leaves, my youngest son gets up and comes downstairs to snuggle up next to me on the sofa. There he finds me under my favorite fuzzy blanket enjoying a piping hot cup of coffee. We enjoy some snuggle time, and then I start working on a bible study I am piloting for a sweet friend of mine before she sends it out to be published. He leaves me to enjoy my quiet time and begins working on his homeschooling.

Becoming engrossed in the biblical truths that God is revealing to me, time flies by.  I love to study God’s word. I am somewhat of a bible study geek. Meanwhile, my middle son is upstairs hibernating in his bed like bear battening down for a long winter’s nap.  He is a seventeen-year-old with special needs, and requires a lot of sleep, and is generally pretty slow rolling in the morning.

Ian informs me that it is already 10:30. We both realize that we have just a few minutes to fly out the door to get Connor to his weekly 11:00 o’clock therapy appointment. Remember, I said we live in a major city, and there is substantial traffic all the time, and the facility he receives therapy at is 17 miles away from our house.

Ian and I work together to help Connor get up and dressed and out the door in record time. We jump in the car, and off we go. As I set the navigation system for Connor’s therapy facility, it tells me we should arrive a few minutes late. The dinging sound on my dashboards reminds me that I have only 28 miles of gas left. I know we don’t have time to stop, we are already running late. I reason that we have 28 miles of gas, and we only 17 miles to go and that we can get gas on our way home.

I drop Connor off for his therapy appointment, an hour later Connor comes out to the car with his therapist, and she tells us what a great job he did today, and she gives us a few things we can work on at home.

Headed home to grab some lunch, and finish up our schoolwork for the day, we get back on the congested tollway that takes us home. I begin thinking, what are we going to have for lunch? Since I was gone the night before, I hadn’t taken the time to plan out our lunch.

Just then the phone rings, and it is my husband. He calls to tell me about the leadership meeting he attended that morning. We are chatting away, and before you know it, we are almost home. We catch a train near our house, and while we are sitting there, I decided that I am going to take the kids to the club for lunch near our house. We like eating at the club. The food is good, it is never crowded, and it is only .08 miles from the house.

I pull into the parking lot, tell my husband I love him and to enjoy his lunch, and hang up the phone. I get a great parking spot, but I am parked a little crooked. So I go to back up and attempt to park a little straighter, but the car dies. What? Why did my car die? I have a new car that is pretty maintenance free. It gives me a powertrain warning on my dashboard. I panic, and call my husband back, as I am trying to explain to him what is going on, it hits me. I have run out of gas!

I had driven 35 miles on the freeway to therapy and back, sat in my car with it running for over an hour, all with less than 28 miles of gas. I completely forgot to get gas, and here I was safe and sound in a parking spot. God had perfectly provided a safe arrival for the boys and I. We did not get stranded along the road, entering or exiting on the freeway, at a toll booth or the at the train tracks. In God’s perfect provision, his angels watched over us, and we arrived safe and sound.

“For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.” – Psalm 91:11

Isn’t good to know that God’s angels watch over you?


Posted by Misty Phillip

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