A few weeks ago I suffered a concussion, and my world came to a screeching halt! The effects of the concussion required me to spend days laying still in the quiet and darkness of my bedroom. I suffered from a headache, dizziness, ringing in my ears, nausea, light and sound sensitivity. I hit my head getting on the car, on my right temple. The impact was so hard that a small piece of the squishy eye gel at the back of my left eye pulled away from the retina. I was a mess.

I was completely overwhelmed by light and sound. The only thing I could do was quietly lay still on my bed. As I lay there, Psalm 46:10 ran through my mind.

Be still, and know that I am God.

That verse is easy to quote, but so much harder to do, for someone like myself. Life is so busy, and we rarely have the opportunity to be still. It is during this difficult dark time in my life that the beautifully crafted book by Jennifer Rothschild, 66 Ways God Loves You, arrived in my mailbox.


God’s timing for this book in my life could not have been any more perfect! As I began recovering from my concussion, I started reading this beautiful love story from Jennifer’s perspective. It is the story of how God loves me and you, through each book of the bible. What God wanted me to know, was that I was not alone in this trial. In the midst of my suffering, God was there with me. He Loves me more than I can possibly imagine, and He loves you too!

The heart for this book came from when Jennifer Rothschild’s world fell apart when she was 15 years old, and became blind due to a retinal disease. The red leather bible given to her by her Grandma Sarah taught Jennifer that God loved her with an everlasting love, and that is what has sustained her through the difficulties of navigating in this world as a blind woman.

“From Genesis to Revelation, you’ll see how  much you matter to God. As you read through the history and poetry in the Old Testament books, you’ll be reminded that God knows you and loves you no matter what. As you experience the Gospels and letters in the New Testament, you’ll feel how his love challenges and Changes you.” -Jennifer Rothschild

Jennifer Rothschild introduces each book of the Bible by showing the reader how God loves us through each book. This charming book is both visually pleasing, filled with timeless truths and is nourishing to the soul. Each Chapter introduces a book of the Bible with a lovely script surrounded by a beautiful floral design, such as:

In Leviticus… God Grants Me Access to Him

In Joshua… God Gives Me Divine Purpose

In Judges… God Shows Mercy in Spite of My repeated Failures

In 1 Samuel… God Anoints me with His Spirit

In John… God Gives Me Everlasting Love

In Ephesians… God Lavishes Me with Grace

Each Chapter contains a short, but powerful commentary on God’s love through each book of the Bible, making this a wonderful devotional. This charming hardcover book is filled with beautiful floral illustrations and would make a great stocking stuffer or Christmas gift, but also makes a great addition to your personal library.

I am so excited to share a copy of this lovely little book with one of my blog readers! To be eligible to win, leave a comment below with your favorite book of the Bible, or by sharing a way that God has shown his love to you recently.


In 66 Ways God Loves You: Experience God’s Love for You in Every Book of the Bible (Thomas Nelson, October, 2016) by Jennifer Rothschild, Jennifer explains how the Bible is a love letter to all of us!

As a grown blind woman, Jennifer says, “No matter how I experience the Bible, it always has the same effect on me. One profound, unavoidable, irreducible, soul-quaking effect—I feel the love of God.”

This is the message Jennifer shares with people all over the country. Jennifer has been featured on the Today Show, Good Morning America, Today’s Christian Woman, Billy Graham Evangelical Association’s yearly television special, Dr. Phil, Life Today, and the Women of Faith tour. Jennifer has also written several other books where she has shared her testimony and God’s love for us, His children.

Be sure to check out Jennifer’s website jenniferrothschild.com , there you will find more encouragement from Jennifer. If you sign up to receive her blog posts via e-mail, you will get a FREE copy of my 66 Ways God Loves You – 8.5 x 11 Frameable Art.

May God lavish you with His everlasting Love!! – Much Love, Misty

Posted by Misty Phillip

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  1. Love your post. I grew up with a low self-worth and always felt I was not worthy of God’s love. Having a Dad I could not please made me feel that I could not please my Heavenly Father. Marital problems re-enforced my feelings of low self-worth, and I asked God to show me His love. And He did! I can’t even begin to explain how He did, but I just began to feel His love in my life. One particularly down day as I drove to work talking to God, I looked up to see a perfectly clear cross in the sky. I felt it was put there just for me. It could have been two planes crossing, but it didn’t matter. God was using it to speak to me. Now He is working on me to improve my love for others. I’m continually reminded of God’s faithfulness to me and my need to be more faithful to Him.
    Thanks for your encouraging words, and I’m glad you are feeling better.


    1. Hi Mjwriter, Thank you so much for commenting. God is so faithful to show us, his love for us! In Matthew 22:36-40, Jeus is asked about the most important commandment.
      “Teacher, which is the great commandment in the Law?” 37 And he said to him, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. 38 This is the great and first commandment. 39 And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. 40 On these two commandments depend all the Law and the Prophets.
      Love God and love people, that is what this life is all about!! Blessings to you! Misty


  2. Our pastors recently preached through Ecclesiastes. About 3/4 of the way through I started studying the verses that were the topic of the following week’s sermon. It was such a blessing to me! Ecclesiastes is not the downer of a book that it appears to be. It gave me such hope! There were two specific things that God showed me.

    One is that the good things in life didn’t happen to me because of my righteousness and the bad things didn’t happen because of my unrighteousness. Yes, there are blessings and curses, but there are also just things that happen. Not everything had to do with my right standing before God.

    The other thing is that while I seek to please God with everything I say and do, there is so much freedom to be uniquely me. For so long I have tried to live up to standards set by others to make them happy. God showed me that I can “walk in the ways of [my] heart and the sight of [my] eyes.” I am supposed to enjoy being me and making my own choices rather than being ruled by everyone else’s opinions and convictions. What freedom! I still struggle to walk in that freedom. The bondage has been there for so long that it is a very familiar pattern to fall back into.

    The book you are giving away sounds so encouraging. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Hi Janis, Thanks so much for sharing. I agree with you, and I would add that sometimes things happen, so that God gets the glory. In John 9:3 ESV-Jesus answered, “It was not that this man sinned, or his parents, but that the works of God might be displayed in him.”
      I am so glad you mentioned Ecclesiastes. I will never forget the lesson our Sunday School teacher taught on that beautiful book. One of the main lessons from that book is that there is nothing new under the sun, and he said that everything is under the SON.
      God has called us all to walk in freedom and in love, and in the power of the cross. Blessings, Misty


  3. Beautiful! I love how God’s timing works more perfectly than we could ever imagine! Blessings!


    1. Thanks Liz! Blessings!


  4. kimberlyavogel 10/18/2016 at 9:49 pm

    This book would be so timely for me. I’m relearning just how much God loves, after years of doubting that the promises really ARE for ME and all the time, not just when I’m feeling spiritual. God shows me love when I open the Bible and it’s just what I need to hear.


    1. Kimberly, Thanks for your comment! Romans 8:39- nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.Blessings! Misty


  5. Misty, I loved your blog…its a great reminder that all of the books of the bible are so important, both Old Testament and New. My personal favorite is Romans….everything you need to know is covered there…from creation to how to know you are saved…”if you confess with your mouth Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved” Romans 10:9

    Thanks for your love for the Lord, you are inspiring!


    1. Jeanne, I love Romans too! Blessings, Misty


  6. Mine is not a verse from the Bible but a quote from my Portals of Prayer 10-12-91 that I would like to share. “Oh loving risen Christ, from death and sorrow free, though throned in endless glory, still intercede for me”.
    I really enjoy your inspiring words whether or not it even pertains to my particular stage in life. It makes me have a different outlook than my take may have been on a particular scripture. I started following you originally on FB, then went to your site online. I am slowly working my way through it and marveling at your insight. You have so much to offer and I enjoy your messages and would love to hear you speak someday. May God continue to work through you and to touch many more lives.


    1. Susan, That is a beautiful quote! Praise the Lord, He has given us Jesus, who loves us and continually intercedes for us. Thanks so much for your encouragement and support! Blessings, Misty


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