Today we continue the summer reading series with Doing Busy Better: Enjoying God’s Gifts of Work and Rest by Glynnis Whitwer.

From the moment I picked up this book, I knew Glynnis was speaking directly to me! For years I have lived my life in a flurry of busyness. As a wife and homeschooling mom of three boys with a hectic schedule, I am constantly in motion cooking, cleaning, guiding, directing, teaching, correcting, living and loving. And I wouldn’t want it any other way!

Along the way, I have learned that I need margin and space, but I have a hard time resting. I have German heritage, and I grew up mid-western. Salt of the earth hard working people is where I come from, but I feel guilty or lazy if I stop to rest. I am always busy caring for the needs of my family and friends and have had to learn the hard way to be still and care for myself.


After a particularly crazy busy season of life, I had a bicycling accident that resulted in me severely breaking my both of my arms! Talk about a life changing situation! Remember, I am a homeschool mom that lives in a house full of boys that do everything for everyone else, and I am a workhorse. Yet for weeks on end, I was unable to care for the most basics needs for myself and couldn’t do anything for anyone else.

God taught me to be still and know that He alone is God.

Spiritual rest doesn’t just happen when we cease working; it happens when we cease striving. – Glynnis Whitwer, Doing Busy Better

What God showed me when I broke my arms is exactly what the chapter on Spiritual Rest is all about. I want to share another quote from this amazing chapter.

Spiritual rest is a deep sense of confidence that no matter what comes our way, God is still on the throne, He has not forgotten us, and He is working on our behalf. – Glynnis Whitwer, Doing Busy Better

In this chapter on Spiritual Rest, Glynnis showed me that when I don’t rest, I am actually disobedient to God because He commands us to rest. Spiritual rest happens when we trust God regardless of the circumstances in our life, and rest is both a promise and a reward.


Doing Busy Better is filled with so much wisdom and I think this book is a must read for every busy woman I know!

If you don’t know who Glynnis Whitwer is, you should! You can begin reading chapter 1 of Doing Busy Better at her website Glynnis Whitwer where you can pre-order a copy and sign up for bonus material.


Glynnis is on staff at Proverbs 31 Ministries and has been since 1999. Currently, she serves as the executive director of communications.  Overseeing the Encouragement for Today Devotions, co-direct COMPEL Writer’s Training, and is in charge of all the content at She Speaks – their annual conference for writers and speakers.

*As I member of the Doing Busy Better launch team, I was given a pre-release copy to read and review. A special thanks go to Glynnis Whitwer and Revell Publishing.

Doing Busy Better is available on the 4th of July, 2017, and you are going to want to grab a copy!

How do you plan to rest on this upcoming Holiday weekend? Do you struggle with being too busy or do you find it hard to relax? Leave a comment below telling me about how you plan to rest, your struggle to find rest or how I can pray for you.


Posted by Misty Phillip

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  1. Great review!! The idea of spiritual rest is very interesting. I don’t lead a busy lifestyle like you do but I have trouble resting my mind. It’s in a constant state of busyness.


    1. Thanks so much!!i think you would love this book ❤️ Misty


  2. Good morning, Misty,

    This morning Suzie Eller posted a video with Glynnis. They talked about Glynnis’ book. It is a great conversation.

    Thank you for sharing your words of a time in life you found true rest and peace in Him.

    I am your neighbor at Brenda’s link-up.



    1. Hi! Michelle,

      I will have to go watch that video. Thanks so much for sharing! <3 Misty


  3. Misty,
    Everyone seems to be talking about “Doing Busy Better”. I can relate to your situation….for the past two months I’ve been on the disabled list (aka sitting on my butt due to my 4th surgery in 5 years). It is truly life changing when you are forced to rest. God has mercifully drawn me into Himself and taught me some things about Him and about myself. I’ve had more concentrated time in His Word and have actually been able to meditate on it. I wish life wasn’t such an either or of either super busy or sidelined. Realizing I need to work rest into my schedule more when I’m back to running as usual. So glad I stopped by….


    1. Hi! Bev,

      Thanks so much for stopping by today. Wow! It sounds like you have had quite a time of things, I hope you are back up and running soon!

      You are absolutely right when God forces us to slow down and rest, it is a wonderful opportunity for us to draw near, and for Him to teach us. <3

      Blessings, Misty


  4. Thanks for a great review! Finding rest is something I have a hard time doing but you can’t strive and thrive at the same time (at least not in God’s Kingdom). Adding this book to the list for future reading. Thanks, Misty!


  5. Hi Misty! I have the same heritage as you, and the same busy tendencies. I’ve heard good things about this book, and I’m so impressed with Glynnis Whitwer’s warmth and caring heart evident in her Compel Training sessions. I’m happy to place an order soon!


  6. This book was just delivered to me yesterday. I think I’ll take it with me to the beach today!


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