Last week at The Declare Conference I learned a ton and made lots of new friends. I look forward to sharing some insights from The Declare Conference with you soon. Until then, I am delighted to introduce you to one of my new friends, Beth BrinkmeyerI have asked Beth to share a devotion with you today, and love the idea she presents us in Building A Wall. Without further ado, please welcome Beth Brinkmeyer to By His Grace.


Building a Wall by Beth Brinkmeyer

I remember the first and last name of the salesman at Best Buy who sold my Dad our first ever CD player in the early 90’s. A man named, Clyde, installed new carpet in my childhood living room over 30 years ago. For some reason, I can remember things like this, but I forget the one important item on the grocery list when I go to the store. And once, when we were buying a new car, we discovered I forgot to renew our auto insurance. This is how my mind works.

I happen to think random people are placed in our minds and hearts for a reason. I happen to think it may not be so random. I happen to think encounters aren’t coincidences. I happen to think the Lord might just orchestrate opportunities for us to be a light in a dark world; a world that cheapens encounters by camouflaging them as being meaningless. I happen to think prayer is powerful.

Years ago, I met someone who told about a wall in her home that was covered in pictures of random people. She spoke about how she would take pictures of people she encountered, post them on her wall, and pray for the people she met throughout the year.

I’m not sure what happened to Jeff from Best Buy. I’m guessing he cut off the mullet, shaved the stash, and moved on to other things in life. I wonder if Clyde’s knees give him trouble these days from laboring as a carpet installer all those years ago. If I had a picture of them, you could bet I’d place them on a wall so I’d remember to pray for them.

This was the year I finally built a picture wall. It is slowly filling up with color, shapes, and beauty only the random can provide. It is anything but meaningless.


Want to Join me? Build a wall. Pray. Make a difference in the life of the people you meet long after your paths go separate ways.

May your encounters with others mean something. May your wall be full of people who are in desperate need of prayer. May your eyes be open to those around you, and your heart be full from being used by Him.

Beth Brinkmeyer is a writer, author, and public speaker. She manages a household of two energetic boys, is married to the tallest man in the world (almost), and friend to any person who wants to chat in line at the store. She has a passion for encouraging other moms, wives, and Jesus followers with humor, transparency, and truth. She enjoys quality family time, good music, morning snuggles, chocolate, and strategically placed sarcasm. You can find her blogging at or on social media at


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  1. Oh my goodness I absolutely love this and going to consider doing this. What a beautiful way to set an example of praying for those in need whether we know them or not. Our eternal reward is in Heaven and we will never know how our prayers or our encounter with others will affect their walk with God. Thank you for sharing. Visiting from By His Grace Bloggers.


    1. Misty Phillip 10/11/2017 at 1:07 pm

      Thanks Timberley!! Blessings, Misty


    2. Thank you, Timberley! Yes, build a wall and keep us posted on how it blesses you! – Beth Brinkmeyer


  2. This is powerful! Pray like this could change the world.


    1. Misty Phillip 10/11/2017 at 1:10 pm

      Thanks Cari! You are absolutely right! Blessings, Misty


    2. Thank you, Carri! You are absolutely right. This world needs the powerful prayers that invite change!


  3. What a great idea! Sometimes God places people in my thoughts out of the blue and I know he wants me to pray for them and even reach out to them to see how they are doing. I’m visiting from By HIs Grace Bloggers.


    1. Misty Phillip 10/11/2017 at 1:09 pm

      Hi! Valerie, thanks for visiting today! Isn’t this a great reminder to pray for others? Our encounters with others matter. So glad I got to meet Beth and share this post! ❤️ misty


    2. Thank you, Valerie! He places those people in your thoughts for a reason, girl! You are a blessing! -Beth Brinkmeyer


    3. Thank you, Valerie! He definitely wants you to pray for them. You are a blessing!! – Beth Brinkmeyer


  4. Ok, I have not seen or heard of anything like this. This is so powerful. This is absolutely worth sharing. Im not sure that I feel free to ask random people / strangers if i can take pictures of them but I just love the idea. Maybe, ill just write down their names in bold colorful letters and put a reminder at the bottom of who they are and how I met them 😇


  5. Hi Beth, nice to meet you. 🙂 I love the idea of building a picture wall of people we meet. We’re accustomed to having walls of pictures for family and friends, but what a great idea to build a wall of those “God appointments” that He places throughout our lives. Oh, the power of prayer. ((hug))


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