Lies Moms Believe: and how the Gospel refutes them is a book that addresses lies mom believe about themselves and motherhood. There is also a companion Bible study for those who want to delve deeper into the word, both by Rebekah Hargrave.

Rebekah tackles 32 lies moms believe and the book is divided into five parts.

Lies About Motherhood

Lies About How God Views Us as Moms

Lies About How We View Ourselves as Moms

Lies About Our Children

Lies About our Parenting Choices

I think my favorite chapter is lie #23 I don’t Have Time

Rebekah addresses several things mom say that they don’t have time for including:

  • Too Busy for God
  • Too Busy for our Husbands
  • Too Busy for Creativity
  • Too Busy for Community


Three Reasons Christian Friendship is So Crucial

  1. Christian friends are there to help us in times of need.
  2. Christian friends edify you and are used by God in your sanctification process.
  3. Christian friendship is a powerful tool for keeping your heart in close fellowship with the Lord and His ways.



The Bible study follows the book and dives deeper into scriptures it also includes the following sections: Apply the Word, Pray the Word and Memorize the Word. For more information about Rebekah and her book visit HargravesHomeand

A special thank you to Rebekah Hargrave, and The Blog About network for providing me with a copy of  Lies Moms Believe: and how the Gospel refutes them and Lies Moms Believe: The Companion Bible Study to review and give away.

Leave a comment below indicating an area of motherhood you struggle with to be entered to win a copy of Lies Moms Believe: and how the Gospel refutes them and Lies Moms Believe: The Companion Bible Study between now and April 30, 2018.


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  1. Finding time for creativity and not enough time.


  2. This is so wonderful and right on point! It is so true… When we say we don’t have time it’s really just we’re not making time… We all have time for the things we want to do and I know our kids keep us very busy but that is a choice as a parent we make as well how many activities are kids involved and that keep us all too busy, etc.
    I’ve been trying to be consistent on listening to the Bible on audio in my car!! Such a blessing… You are as well my friend and thank you


    1. Misty Phillip 04/22/2018 at 4:07 pm

      You are so right! This is why we have to schedule time for what is most important and make first things first! ❤️


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