This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Houston Coalition for Life dinner and wanted to share a few highlights with you! First of all, a special thank you goes to Teresa Strack, Director of Montgomery County Right to Life for inviting me to attend the dinner as her guest after attending the Montgomery County Celebration of Life. Dinner.

Houston Coalition for Life’s mission is to end abortion in Houston… peacefully and prayerfully. The vision of Houston Coalition for life is to love, respect, and protect every human life from conception until natural death.

They have a mobile crisis pregnancy center (CPC), known as the “Big Blue Bus.” It is a refurbished motor coach parked daily outside Planned Parenthood’s largest abortion facility in the United States in Houston, TX. Where they offer expectant mothers free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds and Christian counseling.

Their program saves lives.

Of the expectant mothers, more than 92% chose life and continued their pregnancies to full term! They now have a second CPC, called “Baby Blue,” that is on the road on a part-time basis in since November of 2014.

In addition to this fantastic work,  other programs include: stand and pray, sidewalk counseling, 40 churches

stand and pray

sidewalk counseling

40 churches for 40 days

Blue Blossom Pregnancy Center

For more information on how you can get involved in saving lives, please visit Houston Coalition.IMG_0988We became involved in the pro-life movement just before I became pregnant with my son Liam. It is one thing to say you are pro-life, but it is something altogether different to take a stand for life when everyone from your doctor to genetic counselor tells you to abort your child.

While at the dinner I had the pleasure to meet our keynote speaker for the evening Rebecca Kiessling of Save the 1. Rebecca is an attorney, wife, mother of five, and international pro-life and adoption speaker. Her powerful testimony of being conceived in rape and nearly being aborted at two back-alley abortion facilities to then becoming adopted, and becoming a champion a life is incredible!



I am excited to partner with Rebecca and others at Save the 1 to share my testimony of choosing life when it is considered a “hard case,” and look forward to attending the pro-life speaker training and retreat in May in Georgia.

Also, for my friends in the greater Atlanta area, I will be sharing part of my testimony at a free community event along with others from Save the 1 at the Crosspointe Community Church in Roswell, GA May 11, 2018, from 7-9 PM, and I would love to see you there.


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  1. So very important!! What a blessing you were able to participate in this crucial cause of the unborn! Thank you for sharing. Go Houston!!!


    1. Misty Phillip 05/02/2018 at 11:21 am

      Hey Rachel, Thanks so much! The Lord has also given me the opportunity to partner with a national pro-life organization to share my story. I love how God doesn’t waste anything and how He can take our hurt and pain and use it for His glory! ❤️


  2. What a beautiful opportunity to share your testimony. Serving in the community like this is what CHURCH is all about-effecting lives outside church walls.


  3. Powerful -God will lead and enable because this is His heart, too!


    1. Misty Phillip 05/03/2018 at 11:31 am

      Thanks friend! <3


  4. Wow, that’s an awesome statistic! 92%?! Praise the Lord! I love that the blue bus is parked outside the abortion clinic. This makes me smile so big. Once upon a time, way back when, I used to counsel at a women’s pregnancy center. So glad to hear that you’ll be taking the pro-life speaker training! I look forward to seeing where God leads as you follow this path. — And, thank you friend, for your beautiful comment on #ChasingCommunity today. Oh, how you’ve blessed my spirit. It’s been so lovely to connect with you, and I pray we can stay in touch. I’ll still be writing in that same space, so please pop by as you’re able, and I’ll do the same. So thankful for you, friend. xoxo


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  6. […] girlfriend chooses to have an abortion. The founder of Save the 1, Rebecca Keisling that I met at Houston Coalition for Life shares a similar story of being adopted after her mother conceived her after being raped but was […]


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