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25 More Podcasts to Listen to in 2021

The Spark Media team is excited to share even more faith-filled podcasts with you in this season. We hope that these podcasts point you to the hope and encouragement that can only be found in Jesus. In the new year, we want to provide content that serves you well and helps you grow in your work as a podcaster and in your faith. Here are 25 more podcasts to listen to in 2021. 

26. Take Heart with Amy Brown, Sara Clime, and Carrie HoltT

The hosts of Take Heart, Amy Brown, Sara Clime, and Carrie Holt seek to equip special needs moms with Biblical truth and hope through the telling of inspiring stories. Special needs moms are sure to be encouraged as they are joined in their walks by others with similar circumstances. If you are raising a child with unique needs, this show is for you. 

27. The Mike Thakur Show

Mike Thakur, the host of the Mike Thakur show, fuses faith and business together on his new and inspiring show. He provides an entrepreneurial perspective while at the same time sharing passionately about issues that matter in the Christian faith.  

28. The Renew You Podcast with Quinn Kelley

The host of Renew You, Quinn Kelley, invites listeners to tune in to honest and authentic conversations that center around renewed faith. If you are looking for real, honest, and vulnerable conversations, this show is for you. 

29. Compelled with Paul Hastings

The host of Compelled, Paul Hastings, seeks to tell stories of people who are compelled to live life in a way that is glorifying to the Lord. This encouraging show is sure to spur you on in your faith and to provide hope and faith-filled conversations for your day. 

30. Your Hope-Filled Perspective with Dr. Michelle Bengston 

The host of Your Hope-Filled Perspective, Dr. Michelle Bengston, finds hope in every situation and helps her listeners to find it, too. This insightful podcast brings a wealth of knowledge and practical advice suited to everyone.

31. Take the Stage with Mary Snyder 

The host of Take The Stage, Mary Snyder, brings insight and training to listeners who have a desire to speak professionally. Her interviews address the questions that often go unanswered in the speaking world. If you want to be a speaker, you need to listen in. 

32. We’re Not Done Yet with Susan Macias 

The host of We’re Not Done Yet, Susan Macias, encourages moms who are empty nesters to step out into the purpose that the Lord has for them. This podcast will encourage you to serve the Lord wholeheartedly right where you are. 

33. Mom to Mom with Jamie Erickson, Kate Battistelli, and September McCarthy

The hosts of the Mom to Mom podcast seek to provide a unique perspective on the journey of motherhood. These moms all come from varying backgrounds, different generations, and have unique motherhood experiences. They are a wealth of knowledge and we encourage moms too listen in to the show. 

34. The Alli Worthington Show

Alli Worthington, the host of the Alli Worthington show, brings people that she knows, likes, and trusts on to her show. This means that listeners can expect to be encouraged, uplifted, and inspired by its content. Alli is passionate about helping women to overcome adversity and stand strong in the faith that the Lord has given us. 

35. Dream Big with Bob Goff 

The host of Dream Big, Bob Goff, inspires listeners to reach for their God-given dreams. He walks alongside of listeners in an encouraging manner and compassionately guides us toward our purpose in Christ. 

36. The Bible Project 

The Bible Project podcast is a resource that allows listeners to dig deep theologically, be encouraged by truth and scripture, and have many deep questions addressed. This podcast is an extension of the ministry that creates YouTube videos explaining the Bible in a way that makes it accessible to everyone. 

37. The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey 

The host of The Happy Hour, Jamie Ivey, invites her guests to grab a cup of coffee and join her and a friend each week for conversations that are filled with laughter and are sure to encourage you. A wide array of topics are discussed on the show and every woman can benefit from hearing these episodes. 

38. The Proverbs 31 Ministries Podcast 

The founder of Proverbs 31 Ministries, Lysa Terkeurst, equips women with Biblical truth through her work as a speaker, Bible Study teacher, and author. This podcast is an extension of this ministry and it helps women to walk though life deeply rooted in who we are as devoted followers of Christ. 

39. Confessions of a Crappy Christian with Blake Guichet 

The host of Confessions of a Crappy Christian, Blake Guichet, strives to have conversations that revolve around issues that are unaddressed in the church. Her podcast helps listeners to see that we are not alone in our hardship and that others have walked through similar circumstances. 

40. Longing for More with Vona Johnson 

The host of Longing for More, Vona Johnson, encourages listeners to incorporate faith into every activity that we partake in. Because Jesus is at the center of all things, it is essential that we give Him honor and praise throughout our days. This podcast teaches us to lives in reverence to the Lord. 

41. Real People, Real Talk with Paul Calcote

The host of Real People, Real Talk, Paul Calcote, is a pastor who through his podcast, has created a space for real, raw, and vulnerable conversation. He addresses issues from a Biblical perspective and brings on guests that are sure to inspire. 

42. Positively Joy with Yvette Walker

The host of Positively Joy, Yvette Walker, invites listeners to embrace the joyous moments of life and to look out for joy in all circumstances. Her show is a breath of fresh air and you are sure to enjoy it. 

43. God Girl Nation with Susan McPherson 

The host of God Girl Nation, Susan McPherson, has a passion for seeing women follow God’s call on our lives. She interviews individuals who are passionately pursuing Jesus and all that he has for them. This podcast is sure to equip you to live out your God-given purpose. 

44. Building Faith with Kris Reece 

The host of Building Faith, Kris Reece, is passionate about delivering Bible-based messages to her audience. It is so important that, as Christians, we are being encouraged scripturally and this show is a fabulous resource for that. Listen in. 

45. Your Spiritual Game Plan with Cheri Fletcher 

The host of Your Spiritual Game Plan, Cheri Fletcher, strives to show women our identities in Christ through candid conversations with her guests. This show is a must-listen if you want to be thoroughly encouraged. 

46. The Unstoppable Solo Mom with Annie Quinnell

The host of the Unstoppable Solo Mom, Annie Quinnell, seeks to encourage mothers who are parenting solo. She provides insight, hope, and encouragement to single mothers who need to hear that they are not alone in the journey.

47. Motherhood Unmasked with Vanessa Harris

The host of Motherhood Unmasked, Vanessa Harris, encourages mothers to come as they are to be equipped and inspired to face. The challenges that come along with motherhood. There are many obstacles for moms, but Vanessa shows us that we are not alone. 

48. Your Best Writing Life with Linda Goldfarb 

Your Best Writing Life is a podcast designed to equip writers of all stages to chase their writing dreams. The show provides insight from industry leaders and helpful hints to guide writers along on their paths. 

49. I Am The Remnant with Sunny Gault

The host of I Am The Remnant, Sunny Gault, believes that God is constantly communicating with His people. Though this powerfully podcast, she encourages listeners to lean in and listen intently to what He has to say to us. 

50. Bridge of the Faithful with Jenna Erlandson 

The host of Bridge of the Faithful, Jenna Erlandson, helps listeners define the word faithful and to see how God’s character reveals Him as such. This encouraging show is sure to lift you spirits and remind you of God’s truth. 

We hope that you have enjoyed reading through 25 more podcasts to listen to in 2021. We encourage you to take some time and listen to these shows in the new year. Each one of them has encouraged the members of the Spark Media Team greatly. 

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