By His Grace

Sometimes it is difficult to see God in the midst of our struggle. My guest this week Abby McDonald thinks sometimes we need to change our focus to see the presence of God. We talk about some of the arduous struggles she faced like post-partum depression and how God was faithful to see her through. These trying times left her searching for God and ultimately led to her writing the book Shift: Changing Our Focus to See the Presence of God. 

“Shift explores the life-changing truth that when we adjust our lens to focus our eyes on God rather than on what we wish we were seeing in our lives, he reveals himself to us. In fact, those moments when he seems invisible to us are often when others see him the most in us.”

Abby McDonald is a blogger, speaker, wife, and mom whose work has been featured on (in)Courage, For Every Mom, iBelieve, Crosswalk, and more. Her passion is to empower women to grow in faith and hope, even when life is messy. Abby McDonald

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