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In this episode of By His Grace, I interview Alicia Michelle. We discuss walking in faith over fear and trusting the Lord in every circumstance. We also talk about addressing the fear and seeing the Lord in the midst of it. This includes being rooted in God’s words,  recognizing negative thought patterns, and taking our thoughts captive. Alicia shares how brain priming helps to unwind negative thought patterns. Alicia struggled with overwhelm, negative thoughts, and “being enough” for most of her adult life until God radically transformed her heart after a life-threatening medical crisis.

Alicia is a certified NeuroCoach™, podcast host, author, and speaker. She’s also a wife and mom of four kids.

Key Takeaways 

  • “Our thoughts combined with our emotions, create a belief, that belief creates a decision, the decision Cretes an action, and action creates a result.”
  • The biggest thing is staying in God’s word.” 
  • “Every thought hast to take captive to his truth, not just what I feel is right. So if I’m not in line with God’s truth every day that I’m not even gonna know what to keep my thoughts in line with.”
  • “There is a big difference between feeling fear, and hearing God’s Spirit”
  • “We need to discern the difference”
  • “You have to have God’s word in you so that it can come out of you.” 
  • “It was a surrender to not my will, but your will.” 
  • “Let God lead us”
  • “Our life is a process of surrender, pray, and repeat.” 
  • “When everything is taken away from you, and you have the potential to lose your life, you make different choices moving forward.” 
  • “If I follow you and I’m obedient to you – then I’m successful and that’s enough.” 
  • “Right now, do what is next.” 
  • “God, how can I be more accepting of everything that you have given me and say amen to it?” 


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