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All it Takes is a SPARK: 3 Lessons from the Spark Christian Podcast Conference 

by Bayle Dunn

We are amid a global pandemic. Those words still feel strange to say, although it has been six months since the first Covid-19 cases in the United States. During this unprecedented time, I, like many of you, have been searching for encouragement, digging deep into my Bible, and trying to cultivate community in new ways. When I heard that my friend and mentor, Misty Phillip, was hosting the Spark Christian Podcast Conference at the Podfest Global Media Summit, I was extremely excited for many reasons. 

My Thoughts: 

First, I knew that Podfest is traditionally a secular conference, one that is open to all, but with no previous faith track. When I think of the people who have impacted my personal faith the most, I think of those who have unashamedly shared their hearts with me and helped me to see the Lord and His purposes more clearly. Misty Phillip is one of those people. So, I was ecstatic that the Lord was going to use her in this capacity.

Secondly, I knew that at a conference so large, there were going to be people who believed differently than we, as Christians, do. So, I knew that the Spark conference had a purpose. That is, to shine the light of Jesus in a way that it may resonate with those who have not yet met Him. I wholeheartedly believe that the Spark Pod Con did this so well. 

Three Lessons from Spark:

Spark Pod Con

If you missed it, here are three lessons that I learned from my time there! 

At the conference, I heard from so many incredible speakers – each one inspiring me to continue sharing the message of the hope that is found in Jesus with those who are close in proximity and those who are across the country. As someone who doesn’t yet have a podcast, these messages sparked a desire in me to start one.

Lesson #1

This brings me to lesson number one: we are all digital apostles. When Jonathan Roumie said this, I knew that it would stick with me for a while. The truth is, friends, that in the age of social media, there are people in the secular world looking to us, as followers of Jesus, for hope.

Let’s be imitators of Christ, walking in the way of His word and shining His light so brightly that others cannot miss Him!

Lesson #2

The second lesson that I learned from Spark comes from Anne Watson, who said, “do your thing in your way!” As a recent college graduate, this was so encouraging to hear. God made us all with unique talents and abilities so that we may glorify Him in all that we do. When we do things in our own ways, we are more apt to serve the kingdom well. 

Lesson #3

The third lesson that I learned from the Spark Pod Con comes from Connie Albers, who said, “with disruption, comes innovation.” Right now, we are all living in a world that is somewhat turned upside down. The thing about this is, though, that we, as Christians, have a choice to make. We can allow this disruption to derail us and knock us off of the path that the Lord has placed us on.  Or, we can view this time in history as a chance to be innovative about how we spread God’s message to the unreached. 

Y’all, Spark was incredible! It is an event that I do not want you to miss out on! For more information go to Spark Pod Con

PS: So, I am going to let you all in on a little secret – Misty’s Rocket Podcast Community is remaining open for THIS WEEK ONLY! If you join, you will have access to all 11 of the sessions from Spark in the Rocket Library! How awesome is that?! You will also learn and grow through coaching and training, networking within the community, weekly Masterclasses, and Mastermind sessions for accountability and growth.

So, hurry on over to and join today! 

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