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Did you know that 66% of American women want to read the Bible more than they currently do? The top reason for lower Bible engagement? They feel too busy with life’s responsibilities, which—let’s face it—is a feeling that plagues most of us. Christian women often feel overwhelmed by all of the things demanding their time, attention, and energy. Busy women feel like they are running on empty with a longing to be spiritually fed. Asheritah Ciuciu gets it. She’s been there too.  Today on By His Grace, Asheritah and I discuss the struggle for busy moms to get in the Word.

Asheritah is a bestselling author, popular blogger, and speaker with a passion for helping overwhelmed Christians find renewed joy in Jesus through creative and consistent time in God’s word. Her upcoming Moody Publishers release is a cookbook devotional titled Bible & Breakfast: 31 Mornings with Jesus—Feeding Our Bodies and Souls Together (Moody Publishers, October 2019) .

This new book challenges the stereotypes of Quiet Time by guiding readers through developing a Bible reading habit that fits right into their busy life. Asheritah provides the necessary steps of habit formation, rooted in behavior science. Because of this intentional approach, the patterns developed over the 31 days will stay with readers long after they have finished the book. Part devotional and part cookbook, Bible & Breakfast also includes 31 delicious, nutritious and beautifully photographed breakfast recipes.

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