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In this episode of the By His Grace podcast, I interviewed Athena Dean Holtz. Athena is the Diamond Sponsor of the 2021 Spark Media Conference. She is a podcaster, former radio host, author, speaker, publisher, bookstore owner, and a pastor’s wife. She is active in her small-town community and recently served as president of Northwest Christian Writers. She helps women who’ve been wounded by the church or other traumatic life experiences so they can learn to trust God again. On this episode of the show, we discuss Athena’s journey of faith, the faithfulness of God, and how Athena relied on Jesus throughout her life. We also discuss Athena’s conference, She Writes for Him and her publishing company, Redemption Press. 

Key Takeaways 

  • “What was wrong with me that I believed a lie was the truth and exchanged everything for it?” 
  • “God redeemed and restored everything.” 
  • “If we do anything for the Kingdom, we need to give it our all.” 
  • “If you are not having intimate time with the Lord, you will have nothing to give.” 


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