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Misty Phillip sits down with Christian Ray Flores. Christian is an entrepreneur, investor, evangelist, media producer and artist. During his music career, he dropped back to back top-ten hits culminated in his number-one single, “Our Generation”[2] – an anthem of freedom and change. It became a song widely used as the anthem of Boris Yeltsin‘s election campaign.

How Marxism is Eroding the West Today

Read Christian’s article here.

About Christian Ray Flores: 

Christian Ray Flores is a Refugee, Entertainer, Producer, Evangelist, Entrepreneur, Investor, Marketer.

Christian has lived in Chile, Germany, Russia, Mozambique, Ukraine, USA.

He is husband to Deb, father to Diana, Violetta and Isabella.

Key Takeaways

“There are no shortcuts, you have to commit and obey fully.”

“Marxism identifies a problem that is absolutely true, but misidentifies the solution.”


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