By His Grace

On this episode of By His Grace, I interview artist and author, Emily Lex. Emily believes our passion and purpose   play out over the seasons of our life.  Our conversation centers around, the importance of knowing our identities in Christ, and tells us about the freedom and lightness that is found in Christ.She shares her journey of becoming an artist and working with watercolors. She believes the job of an artist is to look into the world, find God’s beauty and capture it, and share it with the world. At the end of this episode, Emily offers a beautiful prayer for the weary woman. 

Emily shares about her journey of spiritual formation,She explains spiritual formation begins with acknowledging the way that you’ve been doing things is no longer working and letting go of the external things. So you can live open-handed to allow God to put back into your hands the things that are from Him.. Living open-handed allows her to give the good things that she’s received back to the world.

Acknowledge there is a problem. Let go of the things that are keeping you bound, and keep you looking for your identity in places it can never be found. Learning to trust that God is good and accept the good gifts that he has for you so that you can give those to the world.

In her newly released book, Freely and Lightly:God’s Gracious Invitation to a Life of Quiet Confidence chronicles her of journey waking up to the ways she was searching externally for validation  and significance in external places it could  never be found, and the beautiful way God invited to live the life of quiet confidence. 

Key Takeaways 

  • “The Christian faith is all about allowing Him to continually transform us.” 
  • “When God looks at us, He sees His son.” 
  • “If you are tired, you can come to Him.” 
  • “As I follow Him, He will continue to offer freedom and lightness.” 


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