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In this episode of By His Grace, I interview Eric Nordhoff. Eric is a podcaster, a producer, a connector of people, a creator, and a coach. He is passionate about helping others see who God created them to be. Today, we talk about the importance of courage, taking the next best step on your journey, and how we can partner with God when chasing the dreams that He places on our hearts. We explore the impact of the little moments in life, the necessity of remembering our identities in Christ, and the reality of comparison as a thief of joy. 

Key Takeaways 

  • “It’s the little moments that matter.” 
  • “It’s about remembering who we are in Christ.” 
  • “We are loved. He is already for us.” 
  • “I am tomorrow because of what I do today.” 
  • “What I do today impacts my tomorrow.” 
  • “What I know now and what I eventually learned. Is that comparison is the thief of joy.” 
  • “Life is an adventure.” 
  • “God gives us divine appointments.” 


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