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In this episode of By His Grace, Misty Phillip sits down with Esther Pannebaker author of No.Thing: Leverage Your “Nothing” by Leaping into God’s Everything. We talk about the effects of hearing no and wait as we chase our dreams, doing and dreaming. and trusting God to lead us.

Esther has been a supportive pastor’s wife for 16 years while mothering four beautiful children; three of which are grown adults and one teenager left in the nest. Esther has learned and now understands what it means to steward and shepherd the hearts of others well.  She not only loves her family, friends, neighbors, and community, but she understands what makes people thrive.

Key Takeaways 

  • “Thought I was a doer, not a dreamer.”
  • “My ideas of dreaming and doing were really Skewed, but I come to find out dreaming without doing or doing without dreaming, either way, you have to have both things.”
  • “When we follow Him, He leads us unerringly, and desires of our hearts he plants in us become dreams.”
  • “No.Thing is the no and the wait while God is doing the thing”
  •  “When the rug is jerked out from under us, it jerks at our identity, our security, it jerks at our maturity in Christ and Identity and calling”
  • “It is all about trust”
  • “Waiting is hard. that is where our faith is tested.”
  • “Nothing is impossible with God.”
  • “You can live the dream God gave you or you can live in the shadow of someone else’s dream.”
  • “We cycle through seasons of nothing.”
  • “What is in my hand, what is in my heart, and what is in my house?”


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