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This week on By His Grace, I’m so excited to welcome Evelyn Mann. We talk about special needs children, motherhood, and miracles. We talk about our shared experiences of being told our child is “incompatible with life”, and the joys and challenges of raising children with special needs.

special needs children, motherhood, and miracles

Evelyn Mann, author of The Story of a Little Man shares the story of her beautiful son Samuel. Samuel has Thanatophoric Dysplasia, a form of dwarfism. As she walks you through their journey from pregnancy to the beautiful family they are today, it will show peace and mercy of God.

Evelyn Mann

The story of a little man

Evelyn Mann is a middle-aged, stay at home mom who lives in Tampa, FL raising her special needs son, aka the “Miracle Mann”. Her memoir, Miracle In My Living Room: The Story Of A Little Mann, chronicles her and her husband’s journey of faith from medical diagnosis to overcoming all odds. The popular blog,, shares Evelyn’s journey as the mother of a miracle.

Samuel Mann

The story of a little man

Samuel Mann aka the “Little Mann” is a miracle and blessing. He is 11 years old and weighs only 26 lbs.
Like most kids, he likes to laugh, giggle, and have lots of fun. His favorite song is the “Happy Birthday” song. He also enjoys watching Elmo and home videos on his iPad.

You can find out more about the Mann’s at Miracle Mann Blog


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