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On this episode of the By His Grace podcastI sit down with Hannah Miles Pierrou to discuss her journey from becoming a commercial interior designer to a lifestyle photographer to becoming a homesteader and children’s book author how she hides books in the library, homeschooling, and teaching her children to create. We discuss her love of photography and writing and how that fueled her passion for writing Farm to Film: An Alphabetic Adventure Told Through the Eyes of An Old Lens, written and illustrated by Hannah Miles Pierrou.

An Alphabetical Adventure Told Through the Eyes of an Old Lens. Find a new favorite animal with every page turned, and enjoy listening to the rhythmic sounds over each read. Readers drawn to wholesome topics for their littles will appreciate the unique watercolor and classic message to entertain children.

Key Takeaways

Dreams take time to manifest!

“God is the creator, and has created the whole world for us to be blessed by”

How do we bring art back to the church?

Written and Spoken word as a form of worship.

God is the ultimate creator.

Reclaiming the promise of God’s people.

Keep pushing into Jesus.

When it gets hard, you are probably doing something right.


Hannah Miles Pierrou is a long-time lifestyle photographer, designer, and artist. Hannah recently launched Treehouse Storyteller, where she plans to write, illustrate, and publish many books in the future, with Farm to Film as her debut book.

Leaning into her experience as an artist, she is bringing her readers into various design elements such as detail, contrast, movement, composition, shape, and rhythm to feel like they are in the scenes with her characters. She hopes to inspire readers to take time to unplug and see the beauty in our lives.

Hannah and her husband are raising their family in the countryside of the Colorado foothills.


Hannah’s Website

Farm to Film: An Alphabetic Adventure Told Through the Eyes of An Old Lens 


Hannah’s IG

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