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God can do amazing things through moms! Continuing in the National Religious Broadcast Media Convention series, we have another great interview for you! In today’s episode, By His Grace host, Misty Phillip, sits down with Heather Wilson, wife, mom to many blessings, and Co-Founder of Give Send Go, the #1 free Christian crowdfunding site.

Heather shares her incredible motherhood journey of unexpectedly becoming pregnant at almost 40. She had a big gap between her older kids and this surprise baby. They began praying about adopting or becoming foster parents. She went on a cruise with her mom. Her phone blew up with text messages when she got an internet connection saying five children needed to be emergency removed from their home, and would they take them? She came home to 5 foster children.

We also discuss Give Send Go crowdfunding for the defense of Kyle Rittenhouse, the Canadian Convoy for adopting a trucker for the Freedom Convoy, and the impact on Give Send Go.

Key Takeaways

“A journey of probably the hardest almost two years of my life.”

“It’s cool looking back, and you see how faithful God is. You see all the things that he is doing in your life; a lot of times, you don’t notice at the time, but as you look back, I can look back and see God preparing me for you and what’s going on in Give Send Go today.

“By leading me to this place of you know I was a great Christian I’ve served in church I did children’s ministry I was very involved my whole life years old, and I feel like I love people like I will I love like Jesus.

“Throw angry traumatized kids into the mix, and I realize I was a pretty miserable person. I lost my temper. I had days that I was just done. I didn’t want to do it anymore. I didn’t want the millions of piles of laundry and the dinner preparation for nine people, nine children living in my house at the time.

“I now cherish the times in my life where I feel the pain of being chiseled by God because I know that it’s the outcome is going to be way better than I ever could of imagined.”

“Walking through this hard, hard time learning to love by Jesus, I have story after story of times where God revealed himself to me through these children and teaching me to be more like them.”

“When you have those children in your home and raising your children and it’s hard right is really hard and I think those hard times prepared you for the hard that he has you in now and I think he gives you those moments the glimmers of hope to know that he is faithful to know that he is with you.”

“Changing people‘s hearts toward God is what’s gonna change our country.”

“He wants you to use to share His hope with the world.”


Give Send Go is a free Christian Crowd Funding and Fundraising Site that allows you to easily and effectively raise money for whatever mission God has given you.

Heather Wilson

Heather Wilson is a wife, mother, and Co-founder of Throughout Heather’s life, she has found success everywhere she has placed her foot. From building successful children’s ministries from the ground up to growing a professional photography business while her children were young. She most recently co-founded, the
world’s largest Christian crowdfunding platform. Heather is currently a mother to 6 children. She and her husband have been foster parents to 5 foster children and have recently adopted a 12-year-old son into their family. Despite any value of the accomplishments of her life, Heather believes that the most important thing she can leave behind in this world is a legacy of a life defined not by the work she did but by the work Jesus did through her.

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