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On this episode of By His Grace, I sit down with evangelist and pastor, Hormoz Shariat on the expo floor of  The National Religious Broadcast Convention. Hormoz was born into a Muslim family in Iran and came to the United States after the Islamic Revolution of 1979, where he came to Christ while earning his Ph.D. in Computer Engineering. He is the founder of Alive Ministries and he is passionate about bringing the truths contained within scripture to muslims in Iran and around the world.

As the fastest growing Christian community in the world, Iran is at a crossroads.  Iran is no longer a Muslim nation – as only 1/3 of the population identifies as Muslim.  It is facing incredible changes internally, and now the government is facing increased pressure to negotiate with the US and Israel.
Dr. Shariat grew up in Iran, chanting “death to America.” He had a revelation after moving to the US to get his Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence and accepted Christ. After his teenage brother was executed by the government in Iran, God showed Dr. Shariat that the best way to respond was to dedicate his life to sharing the Gospel with as many Iranians as possible.

We discussed the work that Hormoz is doing to bring the gospel to Iran, the impact that the Lord is having on the people and nation of Iran, and the ways that He is changing the cultural and religious climate of the country. In this episode, we also discuss ways that Christians in America can practically help those who are being persecuted. 

Key Takeaways

  • “Jesus is not the prophet that Islam introduces.” 
  • “The message of the gospel is the answer to all kinds of problems.” 
  • “Jesus came to heal and to set free.” 
  • “All muslims are not the same.” 
  • “In a practical way, show interest in their beliefs.” 


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