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How to Take Risks with God

by Alexandra Kaval

Do you have a big idea or dream that God has planted in your heart?

Do you also have BIG fears or doubts that go along with that dream? I absolutely know what that’s like. One of the biggest risks in my life was leaving my comfortable corporate job to pursue Christian coaching full time. To the outside world, this didn’t make any sense. I was bringing in close to a six-figure salary. The job provided flexible hours. It wasn’t demanding. I had a team that I liked working with and they liked me back. There was great growth potential at the company.

… But God.

Friend, when we get quiet and listen to Him, we’re given insight into a plan that is much more beautiful than our own. Maybe you feel unsettled but also frustrated by that emotion since so much is going well in your life. 

I feel you. I was in that same exact place.

Patiently through that unrest may be one of the wisest things you do. Yes- it may look like taking a risk. And yes – it may look unconventional or different from what the world might lead you to do. But, there is so much joy (and Jesus!) waiting to be found in that exact place.

Taking Risks with God

Taking Risks with God

Here are 3 tips for you if you’re considering taking a risk with (and for!) God:

Create your own definition of success. Get clear on what He is calling you to. 

As the founder of She Works His Way Michelle Myers has said, “We have an audience of one to please.” And that’s God! Not our coworkers, our parents, or our friends. Consider what God is calling you to and let that be your main priority. Let His perspective drive your opinion more so than that of others.

Be consistent and keep showing up each day with your eyes set on His plan.

Cultivate community. Sharing your big thing with others will help propel you forward.

(Although consider waiting to share until you’ve gotten some clarity on what His plan looks like! Andy Stanley’s book Visioneering explains how it may be wise not share too much too early in the process.) But once He’s given you vision, talking through your big thing aloud breathes LIFE into that thing. It can be so incredibly energizing to share it with others and create a support network along the way. Plus, doing so adds another level of accountability. Your people are going to ask for updates on your progress and timing and that’s a good thing!

Also… taking a leap can at times feel lonely. Having a support network in place to build you up will help to balance that out.

And, you may even serve as an encouragement and inspiration to others in ways greater than you may ever know.

Collaborating with a coach can be transformational as well. As a Christian coach, my job is to help get you from where you are to where God wants you to be. We help you to focus on what matters most and let go of the rest. We’ll make sense of all the ideas rolling around in your brain and create a plan of action so that you can make progress on what matters most. Plus, you’re empowered to break through the fears, doubts, and hesitations that hold you back. You’ll be equipped to make progress more quickly and powerfully than ever before.

  • Connect with scripture.
  • There is nothing quite like God’s truth.
  • When you take a leap, it’s important to both launch from and land on solid ground!
  • And what can help you to do that well? None other than God’s word. 
  • Dig in and see what He has to say. He will undoubtedly speak to you.

Here are some of my favorite scriptures to provide strength during challenging times:

I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me, you can do nothing. (John 15:5)

We must remain connected to Him at all times to be fruitful. Once we stray, the value of what we produce drastically changes.

His power is made perfect in our weakness. (2 Corinthians 12:9)

When feelings of perfectionism or inadequacy creep up, it’s oftentimes because we’re operating out of our own strength instead of His.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. (Philippians 4:13)

Access His mighty power and allow Him to work through you in order to experience the best results possible.

One other quick tip– I’d also encourage you to journal your ‘God winks’ and celebrations along your journey. God is with you and before you every step of the way. Recognizing how He is showing up may be one of the sweetest blessings.

Sister- I am so excited for you as you embark on this adventure! Stand firm in the truth that He can do more than we ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20). I pray that you’ll allow Him to take on more of a leading role in your life- you won’t regret it.

And remember… “The safest place to be is in the center of God’s will.”  – Corrie ten Boom

Want more? 

If you have a similar story and are feeling led to pursue your side hustle full time, you may want to check out Grace Space Christian Coaching’s eBookSide Hustle Success: How to Finally Take the Leap & Live your Dream. I share the scoop on what went well, what I wish I knew, and what I would’ve loved to do differently as I transitioned from my corporate job to pursue my side business full time. Here are the topics that are covered if you want a peek:

  • What I Learned from the First Year of My Side Hustle 
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  • 10 Things to Do Before You Leave Your 9-5 
  • BONUS: Bye to the Big ‘But’

Friend, don’t miss out on one of the greatest adventures you & He can go on together. He’s got you in the palm of His hand.

Alexandra Kaval is a certified professional life coach for purpose-driven Christian women who crave more and founder of Grace Space Christian Coaching. She partners with women who are feeling scattered and stuck. Through their work together, her clients transform from overwhelmed to overjoyed. They experience a deep sense of focus & intentionality, rooted in their identity in Christ, with a path for the season ahead. After working with Alexandra, you’ll be freed up to live your purpose and prioritize what matters most, all while more fully loving God, yourself, and others. 

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