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On this episode of By His Grace, I interview Dr, Jennifer Bennett. We discuss how her dream of ministry looked different than she imagined, but that God had a an amazing plan for working it all together. We discuss social media and what it means to be worth following on social media, how to authentically be ourselves, and invite others into a conversation in a crowded social space.

Dr. Jennifer Bennett is the Assistant Professor of Strategic Communication at Indiana Wesleyan University. The host of the She Impacts Culture podcast, and the author of Be Worth Following: How to Be Different and Influence People In a Crowded Social World.

Key Takeaways 

  • “My dream was to do Church Ministry”
  • “I am fully living into who not only who god has created me to be, but what he has created me to do”
  • “In my younger years I had this idea, this dream about what ministry would look like. It’s just now my puzzle pieces are coming together”
  • “I see how every single experience I had has brought me to where I am now and the reality is I am fully living in ministry, the dream that God gave me. “
  • “I didn’t know what exactly, what God’s dream looked like for my life”
  • “We have this incredible tool in front of us to share the hope and freedom that is found in Jesus and the only way we can do that effectively online is if we allow ourselves to post things that will open the door rather than shut the door”
  • “The world is watching”
  • “We don’t have to have a thought on everything”
  • “Be true to who we are and who it is God has created us to be and we are not trying to be like anybody else we are just being faithful to who God created us to be”


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