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On this episode of the By his Grace podcast, Misty Phillip sits down with Jill Dasher, author of Shallow: Drowning in the Shallow End of People’s Approval, to discuss the story behind the book, letting go other external approval, combatting perfection, and the life-changing freedom that only comes from the Holy Spirit. Jill advises how to stop living as shallow human beings, let go of perfection and start walking in a life of security and freedom.

No matter how pretty and shiny we look on the outside, we are all broken people who struggle with sin. None of us has it all together. When we seek the approval of others, we live the shallows in our relationships, family, and the world. But God wants more for us! He wants us to come to him with our brokenness and let go of perfection and external validation. 

“Day by day and moment by moment, I am learning to live in the reality of who I was created to be while fighting the urge to simply become who the world says I should be.”- Jill Dasher.

The story behind Shallow with this book and Jill’s blog is to share the redeeming power of God’s grace through restoration. 


Jill Dasher is the author of the brand-new book SHALLOW, drowning in the shallow end of people’s approval. She is a writer and Christian speaker who is passionate about sharing the freedom that exists when you refuse to live in hiding & freely submit all of your fears, flaws, & failures to the God who made you. She is married to her best friend and partner in dreaming, Zach. Together they have five kids that keep life interesting.


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Jill invites you on a healing journey to go beyond the shallow and into the deep__beyond topics that are easy or socially accepted and into the more profound realm that begs to remain silent yet longs to be set free. Truly free. She invites others to welcome the Holy Spirit into difficult spaces to bring healing and to journal their way to a life worth living.

Shallow: : Drowning in the Shallow End of People’s Approval


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