Hey Friends,

I told you that I would give y’all on update after the Launch Well Publishing Event and here are a few highlights!

I had the opportunity to meet with two industry experts in publishing and marketing at the Launch Well Publishing event, Jenn Jett, and Jana Burson. We had a lovely Tex-Mex dinner and fellowshipped with the sweetest Jesus girls from all over, the ladies at my table were from Dallas, Oklahoma, Abilene, and Waco. It was fun to connect with them and hear their writing journeys.

Jenn Jett of The Well Summit kicked the evening off by asking us some thought-provoking questions for us to consider as writers and later did a session on finding your tribe and your dream defenders and other super helpful tips for marketing!

In the middle of Jenn’s session when she was talking about Dream Defenders, I get a text from my friend and fellow dream defender, Missy Millspaugh, who sent me this picture from Jenn’s Instagram story. How fun is that? The joys of modern technology!

Next,  we heard from Jana Burson of the Christopher Ferebee Agency who shared several insights about book proposals and the publishing industry. In her second session, she enlightened us on the role of the agent in the publishing process, which I found to be most helpful!

Favorite quotes from the evening:

God, do not give me anything my character cannot sustain. – Alsia Keeton

What if instead of building a platform, we build a beautiful space with a clear message that points to Jesus and makes our tribe feel loved.

Do you want You to be seen and heard or do you want God to be seen and heard?

So many nuggets of wisdom!

Our evening concluded with a time of questions and answer with both Jenn and Jana who answered lots of marketing and publishing questions. The evening was over all too quickly, and I hope they do more events like this in the future!