By His Grace

This week on By His Grace, Lauren Casper and I talk about loving our neighbors in a broken messed up world. .  Lauren believes by having empathy we can truly love others.

Some key takeaways:

  • Hurt people hurt people.
  • People act unloving because they feel they have been unloved.
  • Loving your enemies doesn’t mean we have to keep those people close to us.
  • Healthy boundaries are key.
  • Running toward forgiveness when you’ve been hurt.
  • How do we love our neighbors?
  • Empathy shows us how to love others.
  • Loneliness and isolation.

Lauren Casper is the author of Loving Well in a Broken World: Discover the Hidden Power of Empathy. She is a wife, mom, writer, speaker, and advocate. For more information about Lauren visit Lauren Casper.

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