By His Grace

In this episode of By His Grace, we discuss the challenges we face as busy women oftentimes working and raising children simultaneously and the struggle of balancing it all. Leah Archibald helps busy Christians connect the Bible to the work they do every day. She believes you can develop a deeper relationship with God and a more meaningful experience of work.

Leah is a Content Development Specialist at the Theology of Work Project (TOW), and host of the Making It Work podcast. The Theology of Work is a non-profit organization working to equip every Christian to live out their purpose and do work as God intends. Theology of Work is recognized as the most trusted source of biblical material related to work. Their resources are both theologically rigorous and genuinely practical.

Leah’s devotionals include topics such as Anxiety About Money, How to Make the Right Decision, and When to Speak Up at Work. She is the co-host of Making It Work, a podcast that helps working Christians connect with God around their biggest work challenges.

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