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In this episode of By His Grace, I interview my good friend, Lee Ann Mancini. Lee Ann is the author of seven children’s books, the creator of the animated children’s series, SeaKids TV, and the host of the Raising Christian Kids Podcast. Lee Ann and I discuss the importance of teaching children Christian values from infancy, Lee Ann’s recommendations for discipiling young children and she shares her insight into helping children memorize scripture. 

Key Takeaways 

  • “I believe in apologetics that you can use in daily life.” 
  • “There is never a perfect parent. We just have to try to do the very best we can.”
  • “Before the age of ten is when you solidify a solid, foundational faith in Jesus.”
  • “What parents believe, they need to act out.”


SeaKids Animation Series

SeaKids Books

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