One of the things that I love about blogging is that I have met so many wonderful Christian sisters across the world that I never would have met otherwise. In the past two years, there are many that I have met in person, and others I only have virtual friendships with but hope that someday our paths will cross.

I became virtually acquainted with Crystal Twadell through her Fresh Market Friday Linkup, where she invites other Christian authors to share their work on her site.  I believe we are kindred spirits, which is why I was thrilled when she asked me to contribute to her Made for Brave series.

Being Brave when Life is Hard

Sometimes life is hard. Pain comes. Grief, betrayal, suffering, and sickness are all a part of living in today’s world. Sometimes putting on a brave face and moving forward is the last thing that we want to do…..

Please join me today on Crystal’s blog where I share a story about being brave when life is hard.

Made for Brave: When Things are Hard



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