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On this episode of By His Grace, I interview Mazi Robinson. Mazi is a Licensed Professional Counselor and speaker specializing in helping women discover their true voice as they navigate self-worth challenges, relationship concerns, and life stage transitions. In addition to her work as a Therapist, Mazi maintains an active motivational speaking schedule, presenting workshops on topics such as anxiety, healthy relationships, self worth, personal growth and healing, purposeful living, and life stage transitions. 

Mazi is also the Founder and Director of Cultivate Atlanta. Cultivate’s mission is to give women both the access and opportunity to pursue emotional, mental, and spiritual health, so they can cultivate a life of joy, courage, and freedom.

In 2017, Mazi and her team began hosting bi-monthly Gatherings, which serve as a place and resource for the women of Atlanta to learn and grow together. She is also the host of Cultivate’s podcast, Rooted & Established, which expands on the conversations that begin in counseling sessions and at the Gatherings, and provide another resource for women looking for emotional health insights and encouragement. 

Mazi and I discuss the inner critic, how to identify it, where the inner critic comes from, how to combat it, and how to let failure be a teacher for us. She provides practical strategies and insight that is applicable to anyone struggling to conquer the fear of failure and the inner critic. 

Key Takeaways 

  • “Some of our inner critics may be louder than others, but we all have an inner critic.” 
  • “There is a direct correlation between our anxiety level and the volume of our inner critic.” 
  • “There is a great connection between procrastination and our inner critic.”
  • “We recognize that our inner critic shouting is actually a symptom of us being courageous.” 
  • “Your inner critic never shouts truth.” 
  • “Inner critics are nocturnal.” 
  • “Our inner critic always comes from someone else’s voice.” 
  • “The goal of the inner critic’s goal is to get you to stop being brave.” 
  • “The inner critic’s goal is to get you to stop being vulnerable.” 
  • “Replace the lie with the truth.” 
  • “You are loved. There is no failure on Earth that can change that.” 
  • “If you live brave enough, you’re going to fail.” 
  • “Failure takes on meaning when we allow it to teach us and we allow it to be redeemed.” 


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