By His Grace

This week on By His Grace, Merritt Onsa and I discuss God’s faithfulness in Job loss. With 10 million people currently unemployed in the United States and those numbers rising today in this global pandemic, Merritt offers us home our provider and rescuer, Jesus.

After losing their main source of income, Merritt opens up to share what God has taught her through the struggle of financial hardship and job loss.

“In month one had I known that month 13 was going to come I might not of been pulling myself up by my bootstraps so much. I might have been on my knees a little more.” – Merritt Onsa

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I love Merritt’s heart for the Lord and how she encourages others to follow their God-given dreams as the host of the Devoted Dreamers Podcast.

Podcast: Devoted Dreams

Instagram: @MerrittJo

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