By His Grace

On this episode of By His Grace, I did something a bit different and recorded a solo episode. I share the importance of walking in our calling and knowing our purpose. I also share about how you can work with me to launch or grow a podcast.

Key Takeaways 

“Don’t allow the enemy to hold you back in fear or distract you from fulfilling your purpose.”

“Walking in our purpose requires grit, hard work, determination, and perseverance, but in our own strength, we are pitiful. It is the Holy Spirit fire and resurrection power that lives within us that equips us to do every good thing.”

“We are all running a race and we need to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus.”

“Our calling is a divinely inspired strong inner impulse that leads us to action in our vocation or profession.” 

“Our callings should inspire us to do amazing things in the Kingdom of God.”

“God has you here for a purpose and He has work for you to do. God doesn’t just want to you just survive, He wants you to thrive in your calling.” 


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