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in this episode of By His Grace, I interview Paul Calcote. Paul is the young adult pastor at my church, Champion Forest Baptist Church. He is also a podcaster and conference speaker who is passionate about empowering and equipping people to be all that God has called them to be. His overarching life goals are to Love God and to Love His people. His Podcast, Real People Real Talk features rich & relevant conversations about current events, relationships, mental health, inspirational stories, & much more but from a Christian worldview. We discuss following God’s call, the responsibility of Christians to share the gospel, and the importance of reaching the younger generations with God’s word. 

Key Takeaways 

  • “If you’re not growing, what are you really doing?” 
  • “Having fun and being a Christian are not mutually exclusive.” 
  • “Give God what you have.” 
  • “You’ve got to get out of the boat and do the thing that God has called you to do.” 
  • “As long as you’re being obedient to the call of God, that is obedience in all caps.” 
  • “If you have everything but Jesus, you have absolutely nothing. If you have nothing but Jesus, you have everything.” 


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