By His Grace

In this episode of the By His Grace podcast, I chat with my new friend and AWSA sister, Penny Cooke, who is a Certified Biblical Life Coach, Bible teacher, and author. We discuss the struggle of busyness and distraction. Penny gives us practical encouragement for remaining in God’s word during busy seasons. She reminds listeners to know that there is power in prayer, to remember to pray and be proactive and fervent in our prayers. 

Key Takeaways 

  • “God answers prayer, but we need to pray it.” 
  • “If we’re not praying, we’re not seeing the power of God at work.” 
  • “We have a great opportunity to pray and push back the darkness.” 

Penny shared a fabulous acrostic that will help us to pray like Jesus taught us to. 

P – Always be PROACTIVE in prayer. 

R – REMEMBER who the Lord is and what he is able to do. 

A – ACKNOWLEDGE your sin and ask for forgiveness

Y – YIELD to His will 

E – ENJOY His daily bread

R – REST in Him 


You can find Penny’s Bible Study, “Pursuing Prayer: Being Effective in a Busy World” on Amazon. You can purchase it by clicking here:

AWSA: Advanced Writers and Speakers Association

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