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Today on this episode of the By His Grace podcast, Misty shares being available to God, laying down our dreams to do his will as an expression of our love. She interviews Rachael Adams. Rachael is a wife, mother, podcast host, and author who serves happily wherever the Lord leads her. She and I discuss what obedience looks like in the life of a believer, God’s grace, and strategies for remaining obedient to God’s call on our lives. 

Key Takeaways 

  • “God is my authority. He is Lord of my life. I want what He wants for me more than what I want for myself.” 
  • “Obedience is God’s love language.” 
  • “I’ve got to rely on the Holy Spirit. I cannot do this on my own.” 
  • “We first have to settle in our minds that God is a good father.” 
  • “His plan involves us.” 
  • “Our obedience now could be the Genesis to God’s next great miracle.” 
  • “We know that Jesus is the only one that got it perfectly right.” 
  • “God was proud of Jesus before he really even did anything.”
  • “When we are obedient, immediate reward is not always linked.” 
  • “When we do disobey, we just have to re-group and try again.” 
  • “As we steward the things that God has given us today, he will give us new things to steward tomorrow.” 


Song: Available by Elevation Worship 

Absolute Surrender by Andrew Murray

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