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In this episode of By His Grace, I sit down with Ruth and Patrick Schwenk to discuss God’s faithfulness through the storms of life, We discuss stewarding suffering well, the lessons that God has taught Ruth and Patrick through suffering. Highlighlights of our conversation includes how lamenting leads us to God, and how community helps us in times of struggle. 

Patrick is a husband, father, and pastor, and Ruth is a wife, mom, and blogger. They are the co-authors of the brand new book, “In a Boat in the Middle of the Lake.” Patrick and Ruth are the founders of and, and the hosts of the brand new podcast Rootlike Faith. 


Key Takeaways

  • “Storms have a way of exposing what we really believe about God.” 
  • “As much as we lose in suffering, there is a lot that we gain.” 
  • “An honest spirituality is a healthy spirituality.” 
  • “We all enter suffering suddenly, but we have to move through it slowly.” 
  • “When you know you are loved, you can walk through anything.” 
  • “We have the hope of eternal life with Jesus and nothing is better than that.” 

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