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Are you in a season of transition? Do you find yourself struggling to adjust to this new season? You are not alone, my friend. In this episode of By His Grace, Misty Phillip discusses successfully navigating the transitions in life with Shayna Rattler. Whether you are adjusting to getting your kids back in school, dropping your kids off at college and facing an empty nest, job changes, or taking care of elderly parents, the transition can be challenging. 

Key Takeaways

“A God Shift is the moment you unlock your Kingdom authority; you collide with God’s purpose and move into greater destiny.”

“Get in alignment with God’s purpose.”

“God has work for each of us to do!”

“Assignment – who you help”

“Calling – how you help them”

“Purpose – the impact that you have with those people”

“Destiny – where it takes you”

“God uses a shift to get our attention! What does God want us to do and see?”


“The ABC’s to Unlock Heaven

A – Align to his word, His will, and His ways

B – Belief we have to believe He is willing, and He will do it for us

C- Confessions – Our mouths are the most powerful authority”

“Declare God’s Word.”

“You have to say what you see, until you see what you say!”

“Don’t take a new vision and shift it through an old perspective.”



“Declaring the end from the beginning and from ancient times things not yet done, saying, ‘My counsel shall stand, and I will accomplish all my purpose,'” – Isaiah 46:10 ESV


Shayna Rattler

Shayna is a bold, courageous, life-changing child of God who helps people understand their identity and authority in Christ. Shayna rattler is the founder of a God shift movement. She is an author and speaker who empowers individuals and organizations worldwide to experience a shift that moves them into greater destiny, expectancy, and possibility. She’s passionate about helping others develop a deeper understanding of God in the identity that they have in him. Shayna has helped celebrities, influencers, military officers, political dignitaries, pastors, corporate executives, and seasoned entrepreneurs achieve personal growth and organizational excellence. She and her businesses have received multiple awards, published numerous books, and featured in over 450 media outlets. Shayna hosts a God’s shift podcast and God-Shift TV show.


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