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Spark Media presents – 25 Podcasts to Listen to in 2021

The Spark Media team is excited to share some of our favorite podcasts. These are Christian podcasts that are sure to encourage, inspire, and help you walk out your faith. Here are 25 podcasts to listen to in the new year. 

  1. Raising Christian Kids with Lee Ann Mancini

The host of the Raising Christian Kids podcast, Lee Ann Mancini, believes that it is necessary for parents to help instill Christian values in their children before the age of ten. Her show provides priceless resources, Biblical insights, and education and guidance for parents of young children in hopes that what is shared will ultimately lead to the preservation of a Christian nation. 

  1. The Air That I Breathe with Jodi Howe 

The host of The Air That I Breathe, Jodi Howe, beautifully articulates what it looks like to struggle with anxiety and to walk closely with Jesus. If you are someone who struggles with anxious thoughts, this show will point you directly to the source of everlasting peace and show you that you are never alone when Jesus draws near. 

  1. Kairos Moments with Julie Holmquist

The host of Kairos Moments, Julie Holmquist, teaches listeners to look out for moments in life when God moves. She encourages listeners to respond to Him and all that He is orchestrating and working through our lives. Kairos moments is a podcast you will love that will help you to have an active faith. 

  1. By His Grace with Misty Phillip 

The host of By His Grace, Misty Phillip, believes that “where there are deep wounds, there is deep grace.” She invites listeners into an encouraging space to hear conversations revolving around life’s greatest struggles. Misty invites listeners to journey alongside her and to discover that though the struggles of life are real, so is God. 

  1. The Pantry Podcast with Shea and Michelle Watson 

The hosts of the Pantry Podcast, Shea and Michelle Watson, have a passion for seeing people come to know the Lord more intimately. Through their candid conversations with each other and with their guests, this couple guides new believers and those who have walked with Jesus for a while into more intimate fellowship with Him. If you enjoy theological conversations, laughs, and fun, you will love this show.

  1.   Hearts at Rest with Sarah Keeling 

The host of Hearts at Rest, Sarah Keeling, has a passion for seeing parents raise their children up in the ways of the Lord. In these short but impactful episodes, Sarah teaches parents to pray through scripture with their children. If you are a parent of a young child or are involved in the lives’ of little ones in any capacity, this show will help you to point them to Jesus. 

  1. Coffee Jeans & Jesus with Micaela Deegan 

The host of Coffee, Jeans, & Jesus, Michaela Deegan, encourages women to come just as they are to be encouraged through Biblical truths and healing conversations. If you need a dose of encouragement in this season, this show is a great place to start. 

  1. His GPS for Your SOS with Cindy Yorks 

The host of His GPS for Your SOS, Cindy Yorks, passionately walks alongside listeners in our faith walks. She encourages listeners to trust in God in all seasons, especially difficult ones. She helps listeners identify our struggles and seek God’s heart for our issues. His GPS for Your SOS is a fabulous show for anyone who needs to be encouraged and pointed to the truth of God’s word. 

  1. A Quilter’s Life with Paula Chamberlain 

The host of A Quilter’s Life, Paula Chamberlain, believes that every quilter has a story to tell. Her show exists so that these stories can be told. This show is perfect for the quilter in your life. It is sure to encourage, uplift, and inspire, while at the same time, sparking creativity. 

  1. Heart in a Drawer with Sarah Geringer 

The host of Heart in a Drawer, Sarah Geringer, has a heart for children of divorce. Her podcast addresses issues that this unique population faces. She approaches each episode from a perspective of someone who has walked this path. She uses her platform to share stories and her own experiences in hopes that they will help others to heal. 

  1. An Unresolved Life with Teresa Blaes 

The host of An Unresolved Life, Teresa Blaes, seeks to answer life’s most difficult questions through a Biblical perspective. Everyone has questions, regardless of how much or how little we have been involved in the faith. An Unresolved Life is the show for you if you if you wish to be encouraged, inspired, and challenged in your faith. 

  1. Grit and Glam with Dorothy Strouhal and Allison Henderson 

The hosts of Grit and Glam, Dorothy Strouhal and Allison Henderson, recognize that faith is the foundation for all things in life, and that glam is necessary for every woman. This show invites listeners into candid conversations between friends. On the show, they tackle many issues from business, to mental health, wellness, and dating. This show is for you if you need a little sparkle in your life. 

  1. Flourishing with Avery Forrest 

The host of Flourishing, Avery Forrest, encourages listeners to live out our unique callings and purposes with intention and passion. She believes that never in history has God duplicated a person or their story. On the show, she shares the ways that the Lord has helped her to flourish and cheers you on as you do the same. 

  1. Look Out For Joy with Adria Wilkins

The host of Look Out For Joy, Adria Wilkins, is so incredibly joyful that her joy overflows. She encourages her listeners to look out for joy in every area of life and she serves as a wonderful guide in this process. This show is for you if you need a little extra joy in this season. 

  1. Gospel Spice with Stephanie Rousselle 

The host of Gospel Spice, Stephanie Rousselle, has a heart for people and for Jesus. Her desire is to help listeners spice up our faith and our walks with the Lord. She walks alongside listeners sharing Biblical truth and insight to help us enhance our study of God’s word. 

  1. Fierce Calling with Doris Swift 

The host of Fierce Calling, Doris Swift, sits with women and shares their stories of purpose, calling, and the way that the Lord works through them. If you are a woman who is unsure of your calling, a woman who is secure in your calling, or a woman who is curious about what walking in step with the Lord looks like, this is the show for you. 

  1. Do the Thing Movement with Rebecca Dotson George 

The host of Do the Thing Movement, Rebecca Dotson George, is an encourager and a cheerleader who walks joyfully alongside listeners as they “do the thing.” If you need encouragement to do the thing that God has called you to, this podcast is for you. Rebecca will journey with you, cheer you on, and be the friend that you need while you walk in your calling. 

  1. The Love Offering with Rachael Adams 

The host of The Love Offering, Rachael Adams, interviews women who are living out their faith and loving others well. The Love Offering is sure to encourage you to share your gifts, talents, and love with the world. 

  1. Life on Purpose with Amy Debrucque

The host of Life on Purpose, Amy Debrecque, has candid conversations with individuals who have battled anxiety and fear. She speaks to those who have overcome this struggle, and gives hope to those who are still struggling. If you know someone or are someone who battles anxious thoughts, this encouraging show is for you. 

  1. Real Talk with Rachael with Rachael Gilbert

The host of Real Talk with Rachael, Rachael Gilbert, seeks to have honest and encouraging conversations about tough subjects. Her goal is to bring what is in darkness into the light. Through listening to the show, each listener will, without a doubt, feel less alone in her struggle and grasp the hope that is found in Jesus. 

  1. Exhale with Holly Newton 

The host of Exhale, Holly Newton, encourages her listeners to lean into and embrace rest. Not any type of rest, but rest in the Lord. Holly and her co-hosts take listeners on an encouraging journey to find purpose and rest in the Lord. 

  1. It is For Freedom with Holly Meyers 

The host of It is For Freedom, Holly Meyers, shares inspiring stories of women who have been set free by the love of Jesus. She recognizes that the reason for our freedom is so that we may go forward and free others by the power of God’s word and their testimonies. These testimonies of freedom are sure to inspire you to find your own freedom in Christ and to pursue it wholeheartedly. 

  1. Equipped to Be Connie Albers

The host of Equipped to Be, Connie Albers, strives to help women develop their God-given gifts and thrive in the callings that the Lord has placed on our lives. Her practical insight, encouraging interviews, and focus on relationships and connection are likely to help you thrive in your walk with the Lord. 

  1. Grace Enough Amber Cullum 

The host of Grace Enough, Amber Cullum, seeks to remind Christians that God’s grace is enough to sustain us in all seasons. 

  1. Seek Go Create Tim Winders

The host of Seek Go Create, Tim Winders, helps Christians rethink how we live, work, and lead. If you enjoy business podcasts, this is the show for you.  

We hope that you enjoy these podcasts and that they serve as an encouragement to you during this season. 

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