By His Grace

Life is a lot like a roller coaster ride filled with excitement a little scary and when you least expect it you soar sky high then plunge down into great depths followed by a series of twists and turns. Last week was quite a ride for me!

My week began at a gathering of women to pray, worship and hear a word of encouragement. The evening was orchestrated intentionally to invite us into the presence of the Lord in a very tangible way. Between praising with my arms outstretched wide and my soul eager for a touch from God, I hit the floor and cried out to Jesus to do what only he could do for me. Little did I know at the time how desperately I needed that time.

Valentine’s day is sandwiched in between my mom’s birthday and Peter’s mom’s birthday which made it super convenient to remember their birthdays when they were alive. But now that they are gone it makes for a somber week of remembrance.

On Valentine’s Day, I sent my first manuscript off to the editor for review. Releasing a book to someone is much like birthing a baby. It is a labor of love filled but comes with all kinds of emotions. Since my manuscript was due on Wednesday, we decided to celebrate on Friday evening. My husband Peter and I had a transcendent evening gazing at one another in love celebrating 25 years of Valentine’s Days together, complete with the best meal I think I have ever eaten in my entire life.

Thrown in with the gamut of highs and lows this week was regular life stuff, like dishes, laundry, school, work, grocery shopping, meals, exercise and shuttling kids.

Sometimes it is hard to find space to grieve or rest in this crazy world we live in, but it is crucial for our souls to find peace and solace to make sense of life. Making time to escape the daily grind and get alone with God to pray is imperative. Even Jesus had to break away from the crowds and get alone so he could pray.

But he would withdraw to desolate places and pray. Luke 5:16 ESV

Rounding out the end of this week I had the pleasure of gathering with a group of women in my home who are walking through different seasons in life, some are going through deep waters and others who feel like a mess and are in need of a special touch from the Lord. We have all been there. We are all busy, so we compartmentalize the problematic stuff and keep moving on. Life is hard and at times it can be soul crushing!


I looked one woman straight in the eyes and told her what I wish someone would have been brave enough to say to me at various times in my life when things were spinning out of control and I felt like a complete mess. “Go get flat on your face before the Lord and pray and don’t get up until you have peace because He is the only one who can change you!”

As women, we lead hectic lives often caring for everyone but ourselves. Although, we can’t care for anyone else well if we don’t first make time to get alone to a quiet place and do the soul work necessary to care for ourselves.

Cast your cares friend, because He cares for you!


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