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Beauty in the Broken

Beauty in the Broken By Jodi Rosser Each broken piece showed me.  Each crack and sliver revealed to me.  I was completely broken and crushed just like this clay pot. There is something powerful about doing something physically for how you feel emotionally. As I...

Losing Us: When Motherhood Becomes an Idol

Losing Us: When Motherhood Becomes an Idol by September McCarthy No one told me that I could have such lonely, silent times in my marriage. What happened to the days that seemed so bright and beautiful and filled with such promise?  My loneliness, the disagreements,...

Five Ways to Help When Your Friend Goes Through Loss

There is an unspoken bond between mother’s who have buried their babies. I felt an instant connection to my guest, Sara R. Ward this week.This kind of bond can only be forged when you have walked through the Valley of the shadow of death and cling to the hope of Jesus...

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