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The Struggle is Real: But so is God Bible Study


The Struggle is Real: But so is GOD

Have the challenges of life created a desire to strengthen your walk with God?

Now is the time to know what God says about you and how you can live a victorious life. Discover faith and integrity are the character qualities that are yours as an overcomer. Each in-depth study has thought-provoking questions to journal so you will be able to see your personal growth.


The Struggle Is Real, But So Is God is a 6-week journey through the Bible that will:

  • Equip you with empowering wisdom.
  • Help you grow spiritually by claiming God’s promises as your own.
  • Teach you how to declare scripture over yourself to strengthen your inner being.
  • Show you how to conquer challenges by activating God’s Word in your life. 

Experience just how real God is and know that He is right there with you in the middle of it all. 

Author Misty Phillip has lived through many difficult seasons of life where all she could do was look to God and His Word for hope. She found biblical solutions and scriptural promises that helped her overcome, and she can’t wait to share with you what she has learned.

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Readers Reviews

The Christian life isn’t a stroll down “easy street.” It is filled with all the normal hardships that every human walks through. However, we walk around with an enemy seeking to destroy us because of our faith. This book is a MUST READ for all Christians. Misty Phillip encourages readers who are facing hardships and struggles in their lives to study, stand, and speak the Words of God in the midst of their storms.Each daily devotion leaves me feeling like I’ve drawn closer to God, and I spend the rest of my day armed with tools I need to walk out the struggles of each day (each season) in victory!” – Rachael D.

“This Bible Study is a gem to those who are struggling. As believers, we all have a story and we all experience struggles in life. Misty Phillip, the author, in a very transparent and vulnerable way shares her testimony in this study. By allowing us to take a look into her life, we can see how God created her and us to be overcomers. Her spiritual journey powerfully demonstrates that despite our circumstances, we can rest in God’s divine Truth! Looking forward to sharing this study with my friends and family!”
– Christine B.

 “Misty is a powerful writer and speaker. She is very relatable. Her study will have you navigating the Bible cover to cover to discover what it means to be an overcomer. She, writing under the influence of the Holy Spirit, has provided me so much insight and understanding. This is a spectacular resource!” – Shelley P.

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