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Misty is a dreamer and a doer who believes we are all here for a reason and that we are created for a purpose. She encourages people to use their story to give God glory. Sparking your soul message through writing, speaking, and podcasting.

Author, speaker, and podcast host Misty Phillip has lived through many difficult seasons of life where all she could do was cling to God and His Word for hope. There she found biblical solutions and scriptural promises that helped her overcome, and she can’t wait to share with you what she has learned.


Misty Phillip is a podcaster, speaker, author, and entrepreneur who is passionate about helping you spark your soul message.

Founder of the Spark Christian Podcast Conference, Founder of The Rocket Podcast Community and host of the By His Grace podcast show. Misty inspires through her leadership, speaking, and mastermind groups. She currently serves as the Houston Connect Leader for Christian Women In Media. Misty is the author of The Struggle is Real: But So is God Bible Study. and Spark Podcast Planner 2020.


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What people are Saying


“Misty is a powerful writer and speaker. She is very relatable. Her study will have you navigating the Bible cover to cover to discover what it means to be an overcomer. She, writing under the influence of the Holy Spirit, has provided me so much insight and understanding. This is a spectacular resource!” – Shelley P.

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