By His Grace

Do you struggle to walk in confidence? In this episode of By His Grace, Misty Phillip sits down with Amanda Pittman to discuss exactly that. Anxiety, doubt and fear plague women of all ages, but especially young girls these days. Amanda discusses how to walk with God in strength and confidence to fulfil all that God has in store for us.

Key Takeaways

“The more I established my confidence in Christ, the stronger my voice became.”

“God sat me down and said I love you, not for the things that you do for me, I just love you.”

“If God will care for the lilies of the fields and the birds he will care for me.”

4 Components of Confidence

• Clarity – Embrace their identity and define their design

• Connection – Connect with God and connect with others

• Competency – Develop their ability and expand their capacity

• Conviction – Know their responsibility and use their authority

“The concept of this book (Stand in Confidence) is being prepared to stand before God and give an account of what you did.”

Amanda Pittman

Amanda Pittman is a wife and mother, author, speaker, and entrepreneur. She is the founder of Confident Woman Co., a ministry that equips women to stand confidently upon the finished work of Jesus. Through Confident Woman Co., Amanda hosts retreats, conferences, online events, podcasts, videos and more. She is the author of four books including Stand in Confidence (Sept. 2022). Amanda and Michael Pittman live in Dallas with their children Elijah and Lily.


Stand in Confidence will be the first title published under the Esther Press imprint (David C Cook),
which equips women to walk courageously in the light of God’s truth.


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