By His Grace

Can you outrun the fears that have robbed you of peace and convinced you that your children can’t be safe in this broken world?

This week on By His Grace, Amanda Florczykowski shares the story of when her toddler was taken from her arms in a thwarted sex trafficking abduction, the near-drowning of their son, a house fire, and the grief of losing a child to miscarriage and how God used all of these events to unravel her.

Key Takeaways:

  • Surrendering your fears to the Lord to live a life of faith.
  • We don’t live in what if, we live in what is.
  • God is good even when we don’t understand our circumstances.
  • It is okay to bring our questions to God.
  • Wrestling with God is a good thing.

Amanda Florczykowski is the author UNRAVELED: Mothering Fiercely in a World Full of Fears. For more about Amanda visit her website at Amanda Florczykowski.

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