Leah Archibald – The Theology of Work

Leah Archibald – The Theology of Work

In this episode of By His Grace, we discuss the challenges we face as busy women oftentimes working and raising children simultaneously and the struggle of balancing it all. Leah Archibald helps busy Christians connect the Bible to the work they do every day. She believes you can develop a deeper relationship with God and a more meaningful experience of work.

Leah is a Content Development Specialist at the Theology of Work Project (TOW), and host of the Making It Work podcast. The Theology of Work is a non-profit organization working to equip every Christian to live out their purpose and do work as God intends. Theology of Work is recognized as the most trusted source of biblical material related to work. Their resources are both theologically rigorous and genuinely practical.

Leah’s devotionals include topics such as Anxiety About Money, How to Make the Right Decision, and When to Speak Up at Work. She is the co-host of Making It Work, a podcast that helps working Christians connect with God around their biggest work challenges.

For more information visit: theologyofwork.org


Abby McDonald: Shift Your Focus

Abby McDonald: Shift Your Focus

Sometimes it is difficult to see God in the midst of our struggle. My guest this week Abby McDonald thinks sometimes we need to change our focus to see the presence of God. We talk about some of the arduous struggles she faced like post-partum depression and how God was faithful to see her through. These trying times left her searching for God and ultimately led to her writing the book Shift: Changing Our Focus to See the Presence of God. 

“Shift explores the life-changing truth that when we adjust our lens to focus our eyes on God rather than on what we wish we were seeing in our lives, he reveals himself to us. In fact, those moments when he seems invisible to us are often when others see him the most in us.”

Abby McDonald is a blogger, speaker, wife, and mom whose work has been featured on (in)Courage, For Every Mom, iBelieve, Crosswalk, and more. Her passion is to empower women to grow in faith and hope, even when life is messy. Abby McDonald

Mother/Daughter Relationships: Helen McIntosh & Blythe Daniel

Mother/Daughter Relationships: Helen McIntosh & Blythe Daniel

The Mother and Daughter relationship isn’t always an easy one. I have experienced this first hand with my mother and from friends who are struggling with their daughters. Tensions can arise especially in the teen years that can make the mother/daughter relationship difficult. This week on By His Grace we talk about the mother-daughter relationship, challenges, and how it can be repaired by God’s grace.

My guests this week are the mother and daughter author team Helen McIntosh and Blythe Daniel that penned the book, Mended: Restoring the Hearts of Mothers and Daughters. They share wisdom and hope based on their own experiences as mothers and daughters.

Growing up, Dr. Helen McIntosh shared few loving moments with her mother. Her mother battled anxiety, anger, and alcoholism, while Helen struggled to fend off her verbal and emotional abuse. After Helen became a Doctor of Counseling Psychology, she helped other women scarred from toxic mother-daughter relationships. Once her own daughter Blythe grew up and left home, Helen longed to maintain a good relationship with her.  

Today, Helen and Blythe, who is a mother of two daughters, have a close and healthy mother-daughter bond achieved through effort and repairs. In Mended: Restoring the Hearts of Mothers and Daughters, they share how they’ve built, guarded, and renewed a relationship-centered around talking, respecting, and listening. “No mom or daughter wants to walk a dark path of uncertainty, a strained relationship, or a gulf between you that feels too difficult for you to cross,” says Blythe, knowing how common unstable and unfinished relationships are. Mended walks readers through the steps to reconciliation and includes specific conversations that guide mothers and daughters towards openness, grace-filled confrontation, and restoration. 

 Blythe Daniel is a literary agent and marketer with 20 plus years of experience in publishing. She has written for Christian Retailing and Focus on the Family, and she links bloggers with readers through BlogAbout. The daughter of Dr. Helen McIntosh, she lives in Colorado with her husband and three children.

Dr. Helen McIntosh (EdD, Counseling Psychology) is a counselor, speaker, educator, and author of Messages to Myself and Eric, Jose & The Peace Rug®. Her work has appeared in Guideposts, ParentLife, and HomeLife magazines. She resides in Georgia with her husband Jim. They have two children and five grandchildren.    

Marriage and the Enneagram: Beth & Jeff McCord

Marriage and the Enneagram: Beth & Jeff McCord

Welcome to Season Two of the By His Grace Podcast. We have an amazing line-up for this season!

This week we dive into the Enneagram as a tool to help you in your marriage relationship. Beth McCord, Your Enneagram Coach, and her Pastor, husband Jeff sit down with me to share how the Enneagram has helped them better understand the why behind their actions and reactions in the context of their marriage. The McCord’s do a great job of simplifying the Enneagram from a Biblical perspective.

We also discuss their recently published book Becoming Us: Using the Enneagram to Create a Thriving Gospel-Centered Marriage and the nine companion journals, one for each Enneagram type.

For more information about the McCords visit:




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A Place at the Table: Kelly Minter

A Place at the Table: Kelly Minter

We close season one of the By HIs Grace Podcast with Thanksgiving and Praise for all the Lord has done throughout 2019 and look forward with eager anticipation to Season 2 of By His Grace in 2020. We will be taking a winter break to spend time with family, and friends to celebrate the birth of our risen Savior, Jesus Christ.

On this episode, I chat with fellow Bible Study author & teacher Kelly Minter to discuss the importance of opening our homes for hospitality. Kelly shares the hope of 1 Corinthians 13 and the importance of loving others. As we both prepare to have a house of full of guests this week for Thanksgiving, Kelly shares this nugget of wisdom that “People need your presence over perfection.” Sometimes we worry too much about the way our home looks, or our table setting, when the focus should be on the people God has placed right in front of us to love and serve. 

We conclude our conversation discussing some highlights from Kelly’s new cookbook A Place at the Table, which features stories from Kelly and delicious and easy recipes from herself and world renown Brazilian chef Regina Pinto. A Place at the Table offers accessible recipes made from whole seasonal foods, and includes heartwarming personal stories from Kelly.

A girl after my own heart, Kelly and Regina also talk about broths, seasonal drinks, canning, decor and herb gardening making A Place at the Table a perfect Christmas gift for the foodie in your life.

Kelly is on a mission to encourage women by speaking, writing, and singing throughout the United States. She also does a large part of her work on a boat along the Amazon river with Justice & Mercy International. She shares with thousands daily how to foster community through gathering. In her first cookbook, A Place At The Table, Kelly offers recipes, tips, and heartwarming, personal stories with the hope of meals turning away from quick transactions of consuming something for fuel into sharing a meal for nourishment and community. 

Kelly Minter Social Media:

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