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Jessica Peck: Hope for Teenage Challenges

Jessica Peck: Hope for Teenage Challenges

Misty Phillip sits down with Jessica Peck to discuss challenges facing teens and parents in this week’s episode of the By His Grace podcast. Many teens are battling anxiety, depression, and a host of other issues. She offers help, health, and hope to parents and teens.

On the show, we discuss her new Behind Closed Doors. This book is a practical guide for parents guiding their tweens and teens through cultural change and modern-day health threats.

In Behind Closed Doors: A Guide for Parents and Teens to Navigate Through Life’s Toughest Issues, Jessica L. Peck, DNP, APRN, CPNP-PC, CNE, CNL, FAANP, uses her more than 20 years of experience as a pediatric nurse practitioner (NP) to help clinicians and parents strengthen connections and better communicate with teens.

She created the love your teen communication model, which has 4 steps:

  • Listen with your face
  • Offer open-ended questions
  • Validate their emotions
  • Explore next steps together


Jessica Peck is a pediatric nurse practitioner and mom of four who helps parents escape the secrecy and shame surrounding challenging moments and find freedom in honest conversations grounded in faith in Christ.

As a pediatric nurse practitioner in primary care, over the last 20 years, Jessica Peck has engaged, encouraged, equipped, and empowered families to raise holistically healthy kids. She guides parents to help navigate challenging parenting moments to escape shame and stigma with grace, hope, and courage. Jessica seeks to move the private conversations in the clinic to relationship-building discussions at home.

Jessica Peck is an accomplished author of dozens of clinical articles for peer-reviewed journals. She is a regular contributor to parenting magazines and a frequent guest on radio and television shows to promote children’s health. She has been a regular guest on The Nurse Practitioner Show on Sirius XM’s Doctor Radio and has also appeared on syndicates for CBS, NBC, ABC, and Fox.

Behind Closed Doors: A Guide to Help Parents and Teens Navigate Through Life’s Toughest Issues

Behind Closed Doors is a guided lifeline to help parents assess their teen’s emotional, physical, and spiritual health and help them strengthen their connection with their kids.

Jessica shares her story of broken family relationships, challenges she’s faced raising her teens without guidance from her parents, and lessons learned along the way—personal and professional, good and bad, mundane and miraculous. 

Topics covered include mental health, social media, suicide, sexting, substance abuse, gender identity, and more. This book will encourage and strengthen all parents—married, single, or divorced; grandparents, stepparents, godparents, bonus parents, adopted parents—anyone serving a parental role in a teen’s life.

The book into three sections:

  • Behind the Clinic Door: professional advice for parents on tough teenage issues from a health impact lens, sharing true stories of patients.
  • Behind the Home Door: suggested settings, activities, and question prompts to give parents conversation keys to unlock doors for open dialogue with their teens on tough issues and meet them at their point of need.
  • Behind the Heart Door: a time of reflection and spiritual application for parents to explore devotional readings, relevant Bible verses, Scripture-based prayers for parents, themed Christian music playlists, and prompts to write 12 Legacy Letters, a generational keepsake for teens.

Behind Closed Doors: A Guide to Help Parents and Teens Navigate Through Life’s Toughest Issues is published by Thomas Nelson. You can order the book here.


From Identity to How To Travel Intentionally with Your Teens Without Losing Your Mind, visit her website for free resources.


Dr. Nurse Mama 

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Bob Wheatley: Our Hearts Desire

Bob Wheatley: Our Hearts Desire

Misty Phillip sits down with former professional athlete, author, and podcast host Bob Wheatley to discuss our heart’s greatest desires on the By His Grace podcast. We discuss the single life, and his new book Our Heart’s Desire: How Our Stories Reveal the Thing We Want Most.


Bob Wheatley is an author, podcaster, and former professional athlete. He serves as a co-host of That Singles’ Show, a singles ministry sponsored by KCBI Christian Radio in Dallas, and his work has been featured on other nationally syndicated radio outlets like WAY-FM and THE FISH.

During working hours, Bob serves as the Sales Director at Brand Builders Group, a brand strategy firm in Nashville, Tennessee. Brand Builders Group helps influencers, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs clarify their positioning, expand their reach, and exploit their uniqueness in the service of others. Before joining Brand Builders Group, Bob gained valuable experience in various industries, including military relocation services, financial planning, professional athletics, and more.

After graduating from the University of Southern California, Bob spent four years playing professional baseball for the Toronto Blue Jays and St. Louis Cardinals. During his free time, he enjoys reading and writing, watching sports, and spending time in nature. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee.


Our Heart’s Desire: How Our Stories Reveal the Thing We Want Most

We cannot escape our deepest desire. The human heart longs for many things—love, joy, peace, abundance—but it longs for one thing even more: to experience a love story with God. In his debut work, Bob Wheatley reveals that all our favorite stories provide whispers of this truth.

Why do we tell the same stories again and again? What is it about the hero, the villain, and the love interest in distress that continues to draw us in? Are these just storytelling tactics, or do they teach us something more? Our stories reveal our heart’s cries—we want to live out this story ourselves. With references to The Dark Knight, The Hunger Games, Friends, and dozens of other stories from popular culture, Wheatley walks readers through the three acts of storytelling, revealing how every story we tell reflects God’s ultimate love story.


Being single can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be a bummer. In That Singles’ Show, you’ll meet a couple of friends who are right in your shoes, and you’ll find a place to rest, fit in, and find joy in your season of singleness. Yes, we plan to grow and learn some stuff, and we promise to laugh at the ridiculousness of life, but more than anything, we’re here to remind you that you are NOT alone.

So… you’re single huh? Well then, welcome home, friend! This is That Singles’ Show!

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Deborah Berry: Dangers of Technology

Deborah Berry: Dangers of Technology

On this week’s episode of the By His Grace podcast, Misty Phillip invites Deborah Berry to the By His Grace podcast to share her story.

In today’s digital age, adolescents are being faced with more and more challenges. How can we support our youth to make their safety a priority? What can we do to help give them the tools to navigate through these challenges and grow into positive productive adults?

Deborah shares her story of fighting for her daughter’s life in a world of modern technology. Deborah is the author of The Tech Trap, and she educates parents on the dangers and impact of modern technology on adolescents.

Her Story

Upon discovering her daughter had wandered off into technological weeds at the young age of twelve, Deborah Berry sprang into action based on the belief her daughter was on the verge of being swept away into the sex trade. 

Through a series of painful decisions, the Berrys sent their daughter to a wilderness program, followed by placement in a therapeutic boarding school for middle school girls before moving on to another boarding school for older teens. During her almost four years away, her daughter lived technology-free life except for an iPod.

Determined to educate herself and her daughter, Deborah dove deep into research, exposing the potential traps our youth so easily fall into. She shares the lessons learned in her book, The Tech Trap.

The Tech Trap

Four years of a real-life struggle and all the lessons learned are distilled and masterfully woven into The Tech Trap, a mom’s fight for her daughter in a modern world of technology. The reader will find an emotionally raw and no-nonsense account of a mother’s journey to save her daughter from a damning relationship with social media and technology.

The Tech Trap is written in three well-defined parts that feature a powerful personal story, practical research surrounding the relationship our kids have with technology, and valuable resources for others who are searching for the next steps and need help knowing where to turn.



Free Resources

Be sure to grab your free resources:

Tech Trap Handout – What you Need to Know, and The Scoop on Tim Tok – Why do we love it so much? on Deborah’s website


Kristel Ward: Grace for Spiritual Growth

Kristel Ward: Grace for Spiritual Growth

Happy New Year! Welcome to season five of By His Grace.

Some of the topics that we will be covering this month are our spiritual growth with an episode you will not want to miss on the dangers of technology and another on navigating difficult trials with your teens. We also have help for single parents and so much more. On today’s episode of By his Grace, Misty welcomes Kristel Ward to the show.  Kristel is the founder of grace to grow, a nonprofit that empowers ministers and supports women around the globe. Krystal just launched her new devotional grace to grow 40 devotions to Release Anxiety and Dive into Purpose. No matter how busy you are, Krystal wants you to encounter God’s extravagant grace, 

Grace to Grow: 40 Devotions to Release Anxiety and Dive Into Purpose

Grace to Grow is published by BroadStreet publishing and can be purchased at or wherever books are sold.

The Christian life isn’t without challenges. It’s easy to wonder, What if troubles overwhelm me?
What if I can’t find my purpose? What if I fail? Despite the anxieties, God’s abundant grace is
always with you. Accepting this undeserved gift equips you to silence the stresses of the day.
Through the stories in Grace to Grow, you will discover how to
● transform trials into spiritual growth,
● encounter peace by taking time to pause,
● view difficult circumstances as divine opportunities, and
● embrace the journey God has set before you.
God’s empowering grace can disarm anxiety by stripping away its strength. Let him give you the
grace to grow.

 Quotes from Grace to Grow

● “Jesus is Emmanuel, the God-with-you. He climbs into your life and calms the storm.”
(Day 2)
● “Jesus is the source of all your needs, and waves of chaos still obey him.” (Day 2)
● “God is with you in the furnace…The fire never gets too hot for him.” (Day 3)
● “Praise may not change the circumstances, but it puts problems in perspective next to a
mighty God.” (Day 4)
● “Jesus has all power, authority, and victory, and he lives in you.” (Day 5)
● “If strength is faltering and emotions are frayed, reach out and take grace by the hand.
Grace empowers you when life engulfs you.” (Day 8)
● “Purpose begins with pursuing an intimate relationship with God. The rest of our
decisions and details flow out of a place of intimacy with him.” (Day 13)
● “God has treasures tucked away within your time with him. All he asks for in return is
your heart.” (Day 15)
● “God exchanges broken hearts with his own.” (Day 18)
● “Love, joy, and peace will bloom as Scripture sinks deep and develops roots.” (Day 19)
● “Bitterness over yesterday steals our joy today. It robs us of the richness God wants to
develop in our lives.” (Day 20)
● “Let our spirit not be caught in the red. Abundant life can be found in spiritual surplus.”
(Day 25)
● “For far too long, many of us have pecked the dirt like chickens instead of ascending like
eagles. We were called to soar with God, but our feet have often been anchored to the
ground by anxieties.” (Day 27)
● “Jesus didn’t come only for the Sunday morning, Instagram-filtered, perfectly dressed
version of us. No, he got his hands dirty with our darkest days.” (Day 27)
● “…People are eternal, but problems are not.” (Day 29)
● “But instead of asking the big question, What is my calling? Try asking, God, what are
you calling me to do right now? Obedience to the Lord in this season gives us what is
needed for the next one.” (Day 31)
● “God’s grace is often dispensed to the world through broken vessels.” (Day 33)
● “God desires his will for your life more than you do. Fear of missing his plans is
unnecessary when your heart is following him.” (Day 37)
● “Don’t fear that your dreams are dead when trapped in a dungeon season. Dormant seeds
sprout in the dark.” (Day 38)
● “Next time you look in the mirror, remember that you are a masterpiece in the making by
a creative God.” (Day 40)

About Kristel Ward

Kristel Ward is an insightful Bible teacher and inspiring conference speaker. As a former
educator in some of the toughest schools in Texas and a 20+ year Christian ministry leader,
Kristel’s biblical wisdom has encouraged thousands to follow the example of Christ. She is the
founder and director of Grace to Grow, a nonprofit that empowers ministers and supports
women around the globe. Whether from behind the podium, on social media platforms, or in camera
productions, Kristel helps busy people grow in their relationship with God.
Kristel is married to BJ, and together they have three smart and sometimes messy children,
Abbey, Emma, and Evan. The Wards enjoy road trips, the outdoors, and a good campfire.

Peter Phillip: 2022 in Review

Peter Phillip: 2022 in Review

Welcome to this special year end combination episode of the Spark Influence and By His Grace. Every year we close out the the by his grace podcast with a year in review and my husband Peter Phillip is my guest. Since we now do the Spark Influence podcast together I thought it would be fun to do a combo episode. 


We are overwhelmed by God’s grace and provision in our lives in 2022. Misty Phillip shares highlights from this year including taking the the Spark Media Conference on the road to Nashville, traveling, speaking, and the Spark Radio Initiative that resulted in the Spark Media Hour on Upliftd KHCB radio. Peter and Misty discuss God’s goodness and faithfulness.


Peter and Misty both share the importance of goal setting. How they each set goals are exceeded their expectations. Misty shares the importance of balancing work and rest, and to plan rest time.

Spend time in prayer with the Lord, and in His word seeking what He has for you in the new year. they encourage you to seek the Lord’s will for your lives to create goals His way, asking God, “what do you want for me in 2023?”

Goal Setting

One of the best ways to do this is by setting SMART goals.

S-specific: Set specific goals that are relevant to your life and career.

M-measurable: Make sure that you can measure your progress towards the goal.

A-achievable: The goal should be challenging but not impossible to reach.

R-relevant: The goal should align with your values, beliefs, and interests.

T-timely: Set a deadline for when you want to achieve the goal by.

A Look Ahead to 2023

Peter discusses how preparation, diversification, automation will be important in 2023. Misty shares the urgency of sharing the gospel as we await the return of the Lord.

Scripture References

“16 Rejoice always, 17 pray continually, 18 give thanks in all circumstances;for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 ESV

“For all the promises of God find their Yes in him. That is why it is through him that we utter our Amen to God for his glory.” – 2 Corinthians 1:20 ESV

” And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 4:19 ESV

Jenn Gotzon: The Farmer and the Belle

Jenn Gotzon: The Farmer and the Belle

This week Misty Phillip welcomes award-winning actress Jenn Gotzon. She has been in two Oscar Nominated Films, she is the star of Netflix trending Forgiven, and Creator of Amazon Best Selling Christmas movie THE FARMER AND THE BELLE: SAVING SANTALAND, Welcome Jenn Gotzon to the By his Grace podcast.

Be inspired to believe this Christmas season redefining why you are beautiful.


Jenn Gotzon created The Farmer and The Belle about her true love story.

The Farmer and The Belle franchise provides emotional security to experience true beauty and real love based on biblical and psychological principles. She has produced a QVC jewelry line and Books that Inspire you to believe. Gotzon’s first line provides a pathway to inner beauty, and her second line is about fulfilling marriages. Everything is based on biblical truths and psychology from Christians.

The Farmer and the Belle franchise provides a pathway to help you soar into the beautiful person you were created to be: divinely beautiful. Our products (movies, jewelry, devotional books, children’s storybooks, and music) will impact lives, helping all ages to value themselves no matter their circumstances.

The Farmer and the Belle

Promo Code off Merchandise from The Farmer and The Belle: JENNGOTZON 

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1) Christmas movie: The Farmer and The Belle: Saving Santaland
2) Documentary: What is True Beauty?
3) Young Adult Book: Beauty & Likes: Experiencing God’s Truth about Your Looks 


Salem Now

Inspired by the lead actors’ true story. “THE FARMER AND THE BELLE: SAVING SANTALAND” follows Belle Winters, a tired New York City-based supermodel who is worried about aging out of the industry. One evening in her apartment, Belle remembers a charm bracelet with Biblical beauty affirmations that her grandmother gave her when she was a child. Belle no longer has the bracelet but thinks it might be at Santaland, a Christmas farm where she played in her youth. Desperate to find the bracelet, Belle sets out on an adventure to search for it and finds herself in the process. From a horse in pink pajamas to wrestling pigs with Santa hats, this family Christmas comedy movie is hilarious yet heartwarming, inspiring inner beauty with Christian morality.

Jack Countryman: The Miracle of Peace

Jack Countryman: The Miracle of Peace

On this week’s episode of the By His Grace podcast Misty Phillip sits down with Jack Countryman. Jack  is the founder of JCountryman gift books— a division of Thomas Nelson—and is the recipient of the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association’s Jordan Lifetime Achievement Award. Over the past thirty years, he has developed bestselling gift books such as God’s Promises for Your Every Need®, God’s Promises for Men®, God’s Promises for Women®, God’s Blessings Just for You® and The Red Letter Words of Jesus. Countryman’s books have sold more than 27 million units.


Vice President and Publisher Emeritus, Thomas Nelson Publishers, Jack created JCountryman Publishing on his kitchen table in 1981 with God’s Promises for Your Every Need® (has sold over 20 million units to date).

In 1986, trademarked the JCountryman brand, essentially creating the Christian gift books business Joined Thomas Nelson Publishers in 1994Jack has written 35 books and published more than 800 Was given a salutation by the State of Tennessee’s House of Representatives General Assembly in 2014, recognizing him as “a legend in the realm of Christian publishing”

God has instructed us in the Bible not to worry about tomorrow. It sounds simple, so why is it so difficult to achieve? Why can’t we find peace? Explore what the Bible says about letting go of anxiety and fear and embracing a new way of thinking that brings us into a closer relationship with God.

In ‘The Miracle of Peace’, Jack shares inspiration and hope about the miraculous peace that only God can bring about during the stormiest seasons in life. You’ll be encouraged as you discover how to:

Understand God’s plans when nothing seems to make sense Find calm when all around you is chaos

Trust that God has you in the palm of His hand

Peace. Everyone wants it, so few have it. And the world thrives on the lack of it. Media and entertainment traffic in fear and unrest. So, how do we find and maintain peace when the very ground beneath our feet is shifting? With so much turmoil and divisiveness in the world? When our relationships are struggling, our careers and finances are on unsteady ground, when there is so little we can count on?

Book: ‘The Miracle of Peace’,

Trusted author Jack Countryman and other dynamic people of faith from their thirties to their nineties will share inspiration and hope about the miraculous peace that only God can bring about during the stormiest seasons in life.

This beautiful book includes:

  • A presentation page for gift-giving
  • A ribbon marker to keep your place
  • 52 meditations about finding peace in a troubled world

God doesn’t want His loved ones to suffer with worry. As you draw closer to Him, you’ll experience the miracle of peace that is available to you. You only need ask.

Thomas Nelson

Jordan Raynor: The Word Before Work

Jordan Raynor: The Word Before Work

This week on the By His Grace podcast, Misty Phillip sits down with Jordan Raynor to discuss his newest book, The Word Before Work: A Monday-Through-Friday Devotional to Help You Find Eternal Purpose in Your Daily Work.


Jordan Raynor helps Christians respond to the radical, biblical truth that their work matters for eternity. He does this through his bestselling books (The Creator in You, Redeeming Your Time, Master of One, and Called to Create), podcast (Mere Christians), and weekly devotional (The Word Before Work)—content that has served millions of Christ-followers in every country on earth.

In addition to his writing, Jordan serves as the Executive Chairman of Threshold 360, a venture-backed tech startup which Jordan previously ran as CEO following a string of successful ventures of his own. Jordan has twice been selected as a Google Fellow and served in The White House under President George W. Bush.

A sixth-generation Floridian, Jordan lives in Tampa with his wife and their three young daughters. The Raynors are proud members of The Church at Odessa.



Jordan’s website

Jordan’s new book: The Word Before Work

Jordan’s Podcast

Tina Yeager: Crafted for a Purpose

Tina Yeager: Crafted for a Purpose

This week on the By His Grace podcast, Misty Phillip sits down with Tina Yeager to discuss her new book Upcycled: Crafted for a Purpose which comes out this fall.

Upcycled: Crafted for a Purpose

In Upcycled: Crafted for a Purpose (Bold Vision Books, Fall 2022), you’ll receive a dozen encouraging messages about your upcycled value and purpose, along with crafts and suggested mission projects. These crafts make perfect activities for retreats, groups, or solo projects. For a wealth of resources, my speaker availability, life coaching services, and more, visit me at GET YOUR FREE Upcycled Inspirational Flip Book template here.

About Tina Yeager:

Hi, I’m Tina Yeager. I’m so glad you stopped by to visit my page today. If you’re wading through a tangled life, or seeking a story-dream to revive your imagination, you’ve found your virtual place. I’d love to take your hand and guide you on a new journey toward the life of your dreams.
I’ve been licensed as a mental health counselor since 2005 and appeared as an expert on TCT Network, Brandon Focus Magazine, POP Parenting Radio Show, Rick Whitted’s On Your Way to Work Podcast, Heart of the Matter Radio, Genre Chat, the Writers Chat show, and more.
I’m a wife and mom first, then serve as a life coach, speaker, podcast host, and author, so I understand the challenge of juggling roles. Besides a daily latte, what keeps me going is my hope of inspiring someone like you. Your well-being is my mission, and your time is precious.

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