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Andrew Croft: Christian Persecution

Andrew Croft: Christian Persecution

This week on By His Grace, I talk with Andrew Croft about Christian persecution around the world. Andrew works with Open Doors Ministry in Canada. This ministry serves persecuted Christians through training, community development, trauma counseling, and other avenues to meet the persecuted believer right where they are.  

In my conversation with Andrew, we covered some shocking statistics, asked and answered difficult questions regarding persecution in churches worldwide, discussed how North Americans could help the persecuted church, and prayed for the persecuted church and believers everywhere. 

Key Takeaways

  • Research shows that 1 in 8 Christians worldwide face persecution due to their faith in Jesus Christ. 
  • Approximately 60,000 Christians are in prison camps in North Korea.
  • Last year, about 3,000 Christians died because of their faith in Jesus Christ.  
  • To help the persecuted church, we can pray, educate ourselves, and give to the local Open Doors Ministry.
Christian Persecution

Christian Persecution


Open Doors Ministries USA Website:

World Watch List Report:

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Andrew Croft

Open Doors Canada 

Suzie Eller: Joy in Jesus

Suzie Eller: Joy in Jesus

On this podcast, I sit down with Suzanne Eller. Suzie is the author of several books, including the newly released book, “Joykeeper: 6 Truths that Change Everything You Thought You Knew About Joy,”  she is a speaker, co-host of the “More Than Small Talk” podcast, wife, mom, and grandma. Suzie and I discussed the things that can steal our joy and the importance of holding tightly to the joy that we find in Jesus.

Suzie shows us the importance of being honest and open with God about our feelings and reminds us of the love that God has for us. 

Key Takeaways 

  • “When you’re honest with God, you’re not only giving yourself permission to feel. You’re giving yourself permission to heal. “ 
  • “God not only cares about how we feel, but He also created us to feel.” 
  • “Stop making yourself lovable to a God who already loves you like crazy.” 
  • “God loves you. He loves you. He loves you. He loves you. And, that is the end of the story.” 
  • “The more that we know Jesus, the more that we’re known by Him.” 


You can find Suzie’s new book, “Joykeeper: 6 Truths that Change Everything you Thought you Knew about Joy”, at 

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Neal Harmon: Hear no evil. See no evil.

Neal Harmon: Hear no evil. See no evil.

The struggle to find quality entertainment that is family-friendly is real. With children being on screens today now more than ever, how can we protect what they see and hear? This week on the By His Grace podcast, I sit down with Neal Harmon Co-Founder of VidAngel to discuss how they are providing entertainment good for your home. With the VidAngel filter, you have the power to skip the unacceptable parts in movies and TV. VidAngel provides a way to skip or mute things you don’t want to see or hear in movies and TV shows.

We discuss two of their most popular original offerings: Dry Bar and The Chosen. Dry Bar Comedy is the only comedy club specializing in clean but not boring content that has over 2 billion views. The Chosen is offered globally, in dozens of languages, has tens of millions of views, and millions of dollars in revenue via its own app. It has been the #1 series on VidAngel for months.

Neal Harmon is the Co-Founder and CEO of VidAngel.

Alexandra Kaval: Side Hustle Success

Alexandra Kaval: Side Hustle Success

On this podcast, I sit down with my friend, Alexandra Kaval, a Christian coach who assists women in taking risks in our daily lives. We discuss Alexandra’s tips for taking risks, the resources that have helped her grow both personally and professionally, her life verses, her advice to those who fear taking large risks, and her new e-book, “Side Hustle Success: How to Finally Take the Lead and Live Your Dreams.” 

Alexandra expresses the importance of walking closely with the Lord in our business ventures and gives helpful resources such as Jenna Kutcher’s Goal Digger podcast and the Creative Empire Podcast. 

Key Takeaways:

– Create your own definition of success with God. 

– Create a celebrations list. 

– Be consistent. 

– If you take a risk with God at the center, it is likely to be the greatest adventure that you will ever take.


Jenna Kutcher’s Podcast:

The Creative Empire Podcast:

Alexandra Kaval is a certified professional life coach for purpose-driven Christian women who crave more and founder of Grace Space Christian Coaching. She partners with women who are feeling scattered and stuck. Through their work together, her clients transform from overwhelmed to overjoyed. They experience a deep sense of focus & intentionality, rooted in their identity in Christ, with a path for the season ahead. After working with Alexandra, you’ll be freed up to live your purpose and prioritize what matters most, all while more fully loving God, yourself, and others.

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Clarity call:



E-book: www.gracespacechristiancoaching/ebooksneakpeek

GSCC’s eBook- Side Hustle Success: How to Finally Take the Leap & Live Your Dream

Alexandra Kaval is a Charlotte-based life success coach for everyday Christian women who are ready to experience what they’ve only before dreamed of. She helps her clients transform from overwhelmed to overjoyed. 


Evelyn Mann: The Story of a Little Man

Evelyn Mann: The Story of a Little Man

This week on By His Grace, I’m so excited to welcome Evelyn Mann. We talk about special needs children, motherhood, and miracles. We talk about our shared experiences of being told our child is “incompatible with life”, and the joys and challenges of raising children with special needs.

special needs children, motherhood, and miracles

Evelyn Mann, author of The Story of a Little Man shares the story of her beautiful son Samuel. Samuel has Thanatophoric Dysplasia, a form of dwarfism. As she walks you through their journey from pregnancy to the beautiful family they are today, it will show peace and mercy of God.

Evelyn Mann

The story of a little man

Evelyn Mann is a middle-aged, stay at home mom who lives in Tampa, FL raising her special needs son, aka the “Miracle Mann”. Her memoir, Miracle In My Living Room: The Story Of A Little Mann, chronicles her and her husband’s journey of faith from medical diagnosis to overcoming all odds. The popular blog,, shares Evelyn’s journey as the mother of a miracle.

Samuel Mann

The story of a little man

Samuel Mann aka the “Little Mann” is a miracle and blessing. He is 11 years old and weighs only 26 lbs.
Like most kids, he likes to laugh, giggle, and have lots of fun. His favorite song is the “Happy Birthday” song. He also enjoys watching Elmo and home videos on his iPad.

You can find out more about the Mann’s at Miracle Mann Blog


Miracle In My Living Room & Devotional – Thriving Through Your Trials

Thriving Through Your Trials: Devotions of Miracles, Faith, and Prayer

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Jessica Wolstenholm: Laugh and Grow

Jessica Wolstenholm: Laugh and Grow

The struggle to find family-friendly entertainment and good media is real! This is why I am so excited to welcome Jessica Wolstenhom to the By His Grace Podcast this week. Jessica is the Editorial Director of the Laugh and Learn Bible for kids. We talk about the video streaming platform Minnow and the Laugh and Learn Bible for Kids.

Popular programs on Minnow include Veggies Tales, Allegories, What’s in the Bible Series, Bible Man, Super Friends, and much more. Minnow TV

In the Minnow Laugh And Grow Bible for kids, Phil Vischer helps take really big theological concepts and breaks them down into easily understandable bite-sized pieces in fun and engaging ways. The Minno Laugh and Grow Bible is intentionally designed to help families journey through the Bible in one year. Jess Wolstenholm Bio + Headshot (1).pdf



Stephanie Pletka: Living Your Best Life

Stephanie Pletka: Living Your Best Life

This week I welcome my dear friend Stephanie Pletka author Living Your Best Life: Letting Go of Self-Doubt, Fear, and Other’s Expectations to Live the Life You’ve Always Dreamed. I introduce her as a “joy dispenser”, and you will understand why when you listen to this episode. She is the girl who has your back, will make you laugh, and doesn’t take herself so seriously.  She is a cheerleader and a dream defender, and I know this episode is going to bless you.

By His Grace Podcast

By His Grace Podcast with guest Stephanie Pletka

Stephanie shares her journey from blogging to becoming a “Dear Abby” to moms. We have a fun conversation that covers a wide range of topics from:

  • Mom Guilt
  • Comparision
  • Identity
  • Perfection
  • God is in Control
  • Perspective
  • Maintenence
  • Friendships
  • Virtual Gold Stars
  • Failure
  • Giving Ourselves Grace
  • Mind Games
  • Finding Your Tribe
  • Change is Hard
  • Grace
  • Homeschooling
  • Adventure Traveling with Kids
  • Taking Risk
  • Value of a Skinned Knee
  • Giving God Glory
  • Putting God First

Resources: Grace is Greater: God’s Plan to Overcome Your Past, Redeem Your Pain, and Rewrite Your Story by Kyle Idelman.

Life verse: Philippians 4:13 ESV – “I can do all things through him who strengthens me.” 

By His Grace

By His Grace Podcast with guest Author Stephanie Pletka

Stephanie Pletka is a speaker, entrepreneur, and author of Living Your Best Life. Her passion is to help women let go of self-doubt, fear, and other’s expectations, to chase their dreams, and write their story. She lives with her husband and four kids in Scottsdale, AZ.

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Ami McConnell: Faithful Daughter

Ami McConnell: Faithful Daughter

On this podcast, I sit down with my friend author and editor Ami McConnell to discuss her new book, Faithful Daughter: True, Inspiring Stories Celebrating a Mother’s Legacy and Love.

Ami expresses gratitude toward her own mom in laying the groundwork for her to be a mother, and how that has influenced her relationship with her daughters.

This is a collection of stories from across a full spectrum of daughterhood stories: Including one from a former prostitute, a woman who never wanted to be a mom, and another who survived alcoholism. There are 35 stories in all and the thread that weaves them all together is that each of these stories is hopeful and has faith in spite of or in response to her own mother.

Key Takeaways:

  • Women are resilient, and God uses all the things to form us.
  • The importance and gift of being a daughter.
  • We are earthly daughters and daughters of the Most High King.
  • Own your own daughterhood.
  • As women, we need to empower one another in our feminity.

Every faithful mother was first a daughter, and the complexities of that relationship influence a woman’s choices and behavior into adulthood, and even to future generations.

Faithful Daughters

By His Grace Podcast interview with Ami McConnell Author of Faithful Daughters

Faithful Daughter: True, Inspiring Stories Celebrating a Mother’s Legacy and Love is a beautiful tribute to motherhood.  An inspiring collection of 35 intimate stories by women, for women to celebrate God’s faithfulness and the powerful influence of a mother’s love.

These mothers and daughters reveal their heartfelt stories of joy, pride, and grief as they share about the deep bond, the unconditional love, the lifelong connection, as well as the pain, the trials, and the inevitable heartbreak. Through each testimony, you’ll be inspired to explore your own mother/daughter journey, and hopefully find that you are also God s daughter and He loves us just the way we are.

Ami McConnell

Ami McConnell

Ami McConnell is a Nashville-based writer & editor. She founded and directs WriterFest Nashville. McConnell formerly served as Editor-in-Chief and VP of Howard Books/Simon & Schuster. For over a decade she acquired fiction for HarperCollins and helped launch a fiction imprint there. Her editing credits include many New York Times bestsellers as well as numerous award winners. A prolific ghostwriter, McConnell co-authored the USA Today Bestseller Kind Is the New Classy by Candace Cameron Bure. She lives with her family in Franklin, Tennessee.


Belle and Sparrows: Lynde Griggs & Tiffany Savage

Belle and Sparrows: Lynde Griggs & Tiffany Savage

Belle and Sparrows: Lynde Griggs & Tiffany Savage


This is a by women for women non-profit that reaches women both locally and globally. They stand in the gap for marginalized women around the world. We talk about the blessings of stepping out in obedience answer God’s call and the blessings that follow. 

The Belle & Sparrows non-profit serves marginalized women. Those coming out of domestic violence, in emergency shelters, those who’ve been incarcerated, addiction recovery, and women coming out of sex trafficking, and the sex industry. Lynde and Tiffany take teams of women to go on mission trips to serve under-marginalized women. Most of the work they do do is at the table with women eating and doing crafts.

Serving women in Guatemala, Haiti, and New Mexico. They take a small business kit with them and teach them a trade as well as providing a women’s conference. Teaching the women how to o artisan handmade crafts including where the can buy and sell products.

By His Grace Podcast with Belle & Sparrow

We discuss the various projects they do with the women. Lynde shares how life-changing this experience has been with the Lord, how her faith has increased as well as her love God and His people. Tiffany shares how much it has changed her in the process. 

Bible Verses that have inspired.

Tiffany – James 1:2-4 “Consider it pure joy my brothers and sisters when you face trials of many kinds whenever you face trials of many kinds because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.

1 John 3:1 –  See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know him.

Lynde Griggs and Tiffany Savage are the co-founders of Belle & Sparrows. they are both wives, mom, and lovers of Jesus. They are women changed by Jesus, on a mission to bring the message of the gospel, and instill worthiness to all women around the world.

Find out more about Belle & Sparrows

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