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Milestones and Transitions: By His Grace Podcast’s Journey and Future Plans

Milestones and Transitions: By His Grace Podcast’s Journey and Future Plans

Welcome to the end-of-year episode of By His Grace with your host, Misty Phillip. In this special episode, Misty takes us on a journey reflecting on the incredible milestones achieved and shares her vision for the new year. From embracing her divine calling to the challenges of balancing professional endeavors with cherished roles as a wife and mother, Misty provides an intimate look into her personal and professional growth. As she announces a transition in the podcast’s journey, she offers heartfelt gratitude for the support and shares exciting plans for the future. Tune in for a message of faith, wisdom, and anticipation as we bid farewell to a transformative year and step into an inspiring new chapter together.

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Noteworthy Quotes

The Power of Faith and Perseverance:

“My journey over these past several years has been nothing short of miraculous.”

— Misty Phillip [00:01:04 → 00:01:08]

The Importance of Prioritizing Family:

“Recognizing the need for change, I embraced the wisdom that sometimes we must let go of really good things to make way for the great.”

— Misty Phillip [00:02:33 → 00:02:42]

Breaking the Glass Ceiling:

“Friends, it’s crucial to remember that our primary identity comes from being a child of God, not from any professional milestone or societal expectation that we may meet or succeed.”

— Misty Phillip [00:06:15 → 00:06:30]

Wisdom and Purpose in Professional Success:

“I wanna be a wise woman who finds harmony in building my house, caring for those entrusted to me, and walking in my purpose and calling.”

— Misty Phillip [00:09:36 → 00:09:46]

The Impact of Technology on Communication:

“The Internet, social media, and streaming, while they are amazing tools and resources, can be a huge distraction from true connection and what matters most.”

— Misty Phillip [00:11:39 → 00:11:48]

Embracing Change

“I want make more time to create spaces where people can experience God’s love, have spiritual encounters, experience growth, community, and connection.”

— Misty Phillip [00:13:36 → 00:13:46]

Consulting in Podcasting

“In my consulting work with Spark Media, I tailor the consulting based on your specific needs. With the changes that I’m making, I’m able to open up to take on more 1 on 1 clients because I believe in a hands on approach, working closely with people to understand their vision and I found the best results with working on clients on a 1 on 1 basis.”

— Misty Phillip [00:14:55 → 00:15:21]

Reflection on Past Achievements and Gratitude

– Looking back over the previous year with gratitude

– Reflection on the success and impact of the By His Grace podcast

– Reflecting on the journey and the miraculous nature of the path

– Serving hundreds of thousands of listeners in 135 countries globally

– Privilege of assisting others in launching and nurturing podcasts

– Impact of podcasting efforts on fostering collaboration and community

Balancing Professional and Personal Life

– Recognizing the demands of professional and ministry endeavors overshadowing family roles

– Embracing the wisdom of prioritizing family and recognizing life seasons

– Realization of the need for work-life balance and the challenge it presents

Shifting Perspectives on Success and Identity

– Discussing the potential conflict between professional success and a Christ-centered perspective

– Emphasizing the primary identity as a child of God and finding worth in the relationship with Jesus Christ

– The need to engage in work as an act of worship

Lessons from the Life of Jesus

– Embracing the example of Jesus in moving with a sense of peace and purpose

– Encouragement to be fully present in the moment and view interruptions as divine appointments

Changes and Transition in Podcasting Journey

– Decision to put the By His Grace podcast and Spark Influence podcast on hold

– Transitioning to new opportunities and creating more space for both in-person and online interactions

– Commitment to first loves, faith, and family as the journey continues

Evolution of Spark Media and Upcoming Projects

– Commitment to growth, innovation, and better serving the community

– Plans to continue teaching and encouraging through podcasting, writing, and speaking

– Collaboration with For The One Studios and Ester Press to provide creative podcast and media solutions

Changes and Updates within Spark Media

– Changes in the Spark Media network and the Spark collective

– Streamlining online presence and continued commitment to providing high-quality podcast resources

– Plans for more personalized consulting and tailored sessions for aspiring podcasters

Invitations to Upcoming Events and Collaborations

– Announcement of speaking engagements at various events

– Collaboration with organizations and the invitation to subscribe to the Spark Media newsletter

– Plans for meetups and speaking engagements in the new year

Expression of Gratitude and Closing Remarks

– Gratitude for the continued support and enthusiasm

– Request for prayers for continued clarity and wisdom

– Encouragement to stay connected through email and social media

– Expressing honor and privilege in serving the audience through the podcasts

Download Misty’s latest devotional, People Get Ready! 

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