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A Place at the Table: Kelly Minter

A Place at the Table: Kelly Minter

We close season one of the By HIs Grace Podcast with Thanksgiving and Praise for all the Lord has done throughout 2019 and look forward with eager anticipation to Season 2 of By His Grace in 2020. We will be taking a winter break to spend time with family, and friends to celebrate the birth of our risen Savior, Jesus Christ.

On this episode, I chat with fellow Bible Study author & teacher Kelly Minter to discuss the importance of opening our homes for hospitality. Kelly shares the hope of 1 Corinthians 13 and the importance of loving others. As we both prepare to have a house of full of guests this week for Thanksgiving, Kelly shares this nugget of wisdom that “People need your presence over perfection.” Sometimes we worry too much about the way our home looks, or our table setting, when the focus should be on the people God has placed right in front of us to love and serve. 

We conclude our conversation discussing some highlights from Kelly’s new cookbook A Place at the Table, which features stories from Kelly and delicious and easy recipes from herself and world renown Brazilian chef Regina Pinto. A Place at the Table offers accessible recipes made from whole seasonal foods, and includes heartwarming personal stories from Kelly.

A girl after my own heart, Kelly and Regina also talk about broths, seasonal drinks, canning, decor and herb gardening making A Place at the Table a perfect Christmas gift for the foodie in your life.

Kelly is on a mission to encourage women by speaking, writing, and singing throughout the United States. She also does a large part of her work on a boat along the Amazon river with Justice & Mercy International. She shares with thousands daily how to foster community through gathering. In her first cookbook, A Place At The Table, Kelly offers recipes, tips, and heartwarming, personal stories with the hope of meals turning away from quick transactions of consuming something for fuel into sharing a meal for nourishment and community. 

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Monica Schmelter: Life in the Public Eye

Monica Schmelter: Life in the Public Eye

My guest on the By His Grace podcast this week is Christian television host Monica Schmelter. Monica has worked in broadcasting for more than 20 years and her show “Bridges” is broadcast in over 50 million homes across the US. Her talk show is designed to showcase the hearts, struggles, and triumphs of Christians. Living in the public eye is not always easy. Monica openly shares her story of being in broadcasting and lessons she has learned along the way.

Monica Schmelter loves Jesus and her family. When she’s not interviewing guests for CTN’s Bridges television program, speaking, or writing books, she ponders very serious subjects like reducing the calorie count in chocolate.

You can learn more by visiting

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