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Greg Locke: Revival & Casting Out Demons

Greg Locke: Revival & Casting Out Demons

Misty Phillip sits down with Pastor Greg Locke of Global Vision Bible Church to discuss revival and His new documentary, Come Out in the Name of Jesus.

Come Out in the Name of Jesus follows pastor Greg Locke and a diverse group of demon-slaying preachers as spark an awakening of the Christian Church. The film is produced by Locke Media which consists of a team of producers, writers, filmmakers, and artists who are absolutely crazy in love with Jesus and sharing the Gospel… through every means possible.

As our world continues to grow darker each day, we also see a move of God like we’ve not seen in years; some claim this could even be the beginning of the third great awakening. Last week, Misty had the opportunity to preview the movie come out in Jesus’ name, which hits theaters on March 13.

“God used controversy. He used the media. He used all of it to grow a massive-sized platform,” says Locke. “But it was never about the controversy. It was never about the politics. God built our platform for deliverance.” – Pastor Greg Locke.

About Pastor Greg Locke

Pastor Greg Locke is the Founding and Lead Pastor of Global Vision Bible Church in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, just outside Nashville. The social media firebrand, who has one of the largest platforms in the country, is the author of the No. 1 Bestselling Spiritual Warfare Series and host of On Point with Pastor Greg Locke. He is a popular revivalist and speaker in churches and political circles alike. His ministry can be contacted at

Revival at Asbury University

Many of you know have heard that revival has broken out on the campus of Asbury University and spontaneously in other college campuses and places like Times Square. For days on end, people have flocked to Asbury university, where revival has spread from a campus service to 24 hours of testimonies, praise, and prayer. You may not have heard that a demon was cast out of a woman attending the revival at Asbury.

Scripture Resource

 In Acts 2:17 ESV “‘And in the last days it shall be, God declares, that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams;”

Come out in Jesus name official movie trailer – YouTube › watch

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Rebecca George: Gifts & Calling

Rebecca George: Gifts & Calling

Welcome to the By His Grace podcast featuring host Misty Phillip and her guest Rebecca George. Misty and Rebecca are passionate about helping others recognize their gifts and talents to glorify God. During this episode, they discuss when they met, the long journey to publishing, and using your unique gifts to impact the world positively. 

Additional Topics Discussed:

  • Using our gifts and talent for the glory of God (and not self)
  • What to do when God asks us to quit something 
  • How God uses past seasons to carry us into our next assignment
  • The joys of being a multi-passionate creative 
  • How your obedient yes now will lead you toward what He has prepared for you next
  • Illuminating the talent around you

Rebecca is the founder of Radical Radiance® – a podcast community where listeners blend what they love with the Jesus who makes them shine. She is a podcaster, speaker, writer, and certified career coach whose greatest joy is encouraging others to pursue their passions in a way that builds the Kingdom. 

“If we actively partner with God, He will empower us by His strength to serve Him and love others.”

Do the Thing: Gospel-Centered Goals, Gumption, and Grace for the Go-Getter Girl

In Do the Thing Rebecca encourages readers to create with God what makes your heart come alive! Part practical guide, part inspiring manifesto, this gospel-rooted book for women entrepreneurs and leaders empowers you to discover and live out your calling.

Do you have a cause, project, or talent that you feel called to develop—but fear and busyness make it easy to put off pursuing that thing? Rebecca George is an encouraging voice in your ear saying: “Do the thing! Don’t waste another minute of this brief time you have on this side of eternity.”

Perfectly blending storytelling, encouragement, and biblical insight, Do the Thing beckons you to pursue the passions that stir your soul. On this journey, you will discover how to:

  • See your gifts and talents from a gospel-centered perspective.
  • Prioritize goals related to your calling as you move forward with gumption and grace.
  • Maximize your passions in the work you do every day.
  • Actively partner with God to serve Him and love others.
  • Overcome negative thought patterns so you can brainstorm, develop, and create with the confidence of a go-getter girl!

Each chapter includes prayer prompts, Scripture for further study, questions for reflection, action steps to move your goal forward, and accompanying videos (for individuals or small groups).

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We hope you are inspired by these two amazing women and gain valuable insights. So, if you’re looking for inspiration or advice on making the most of your unique skills, this is an episode you will want to experience! Please leave us a review for By His Grace to help more people learn about the podcast!

Rachael Gilbert: Restoring Body Image

Rachael Gilbert: Restoring Body Image

In today’s episode, Misty Phillip sits with Rachael Gilbert to discuss body image and her new book Image Restored: Tear Down Shame and Insecurity to Experience a Body Image Renovation. 

About Rachael Gilbert

Rachael Gilbert is an author and podcast host with a Master’s in Marriage & Family Therapy. I am now a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate with a private practice in Lewisville, Tx. The real Talk with Rachael podcast aims to bridge the gap between mental and emotional health and faith.

Are you tired of being at war with your body—and your thoughts about your body? As a fitness instructor, Rachael Gilbert struggled with shame when she didn’t measure up to her dream body image. Then, as a licensed counselor, she realized how many of us bury the same painful insecurities. We need restoration from the inside out.

Image Restored: Tear Down Shame and Insecurity to Experience a Body Image Renovation. 

In Image RESTored, Rachael offers professional guidance, coloring pages, Scripture, prayers, journaling prompts, and teaching videos to help you experience true freedom. See your whole self in a new way as you learn:

  • A biblical perspective on eating, fitness, and godly self-confidence.
  • Tools for overcoming comparison and trauma.
  • How to reframe stories that formed your attitude toward your body.
  • Counselor-inspired strategies to help you appreciate how God made you.
  • Ways to use thoughts and feelings, so they help you rather than sabotage you.

Rich with spiritual and therapeutic insights, this Christian body image workbook calls us to experience healing and wellness that grounds us in God’s love and builds us up in truth.

Pre-order Image Restored 

As a thank you for preordering, you will receive access to the Image Restored Private Pop-up Podcast!

  • A private, weekly five-minute encouragement
  • Q & A with Rachael 
  • Filled with the main concepts from the book for an inside-out approach to restoring body image
  • Audio recordings of strong foundation verses
  • Runs from January to March 2023

In addition, you will receive other free downloads, coupon codes from Rachael’s favorite companies, and more!


Robert Beeson: Help for Single Parents

Robert Beeson: Help for Single Parents

Misty Phillip sits down with Robert Benson for a helpful conversation for solo parents on this week’s episode of the By His Grace podcast. Robert shares his personal story of becoming a solo parent looking for guidance. When his wife of 13 years separated from him, he was left to raise his three young daughters on his own. This experience led him to found Solo Parent Society to unify, equip and empower single parents. 


Robert Beeson is a former high-level executive in the music industry who helped develop and guide the success of many major Christian artists, including Micheal W. Smith, Casting Crowns, Jars of Clay, and Third Day. 

Robert co-hosts a Solo Parent Society weekly podcast and has authored a book titled Going Solo: Hope and Healing for the Single Mom or Dad. Robert is also the founder and director of iShine, a Christian media group dedicated to ministering to pre-teens and their families. He is remarried and resides in Tennessee with his daughters and three new stepsons.


Going Solo: Hope and Healing for the Single Mom or Dad

As parents face the complicated reality of a broken home, a sense of being completely overwhelmed can shut down the perspective they need to find restoration. Parents need to know that they can choose to define this season of their lives instead of becoming defined by circumstances. They can deliberately look toward God and come to a deeper understanding of His true nature, power, and personal care.

Robert offers readers some hard-learned lessons and insights on being a practical, empathetic, and empowered single parent, answering crucial questions such as:

  • How do I find peace when everything around me is chaos?
  • How do I manage meeting needs when I have nothing to give?
  • How and where do I begin again?

He addresses the fears and exhaustion of single parenting while revealing the keys to gaining strength and courage for each day. He also shares how he found his “solo” relationship with his heavenly Father through his “solo” parenting season. Readers will learn five helpful habits and practical healing principles they can immediately apply in this season of life.


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Solo Parent helps single parents raise healthy kids. They are on a mission to stop the tragic statistics coming from single family homes. For more information visit their website .

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