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On this episode of By His Grace, our guest is National Police Association spokes person Sgt. Betsy Brantner Smith, a retired police officer with a long and distinguished career in law enforcement. Sgt. Smith shares her experiences and insights into the challenges and dangers faced by police officers on a daily basis. She addresses the negative portrayal of law enforcement in the media and emphasizes the importance of understanding local police departments and their day-to-day activities.

Sgt. Brantner Smith highlights the value of programs like the Citizens Police Academy, which provides participants with hands-on experiences, from visiting different police divisions to spending a night in jail. These experiences enhance our understanding and empathy for law enforcement. With retirements up by 45% and ongoing understaffing in law enforcement agencies, there is a critical need for young individuals to consider a career in law enforcement. Sgt. Smith also discusses the need for young people to pursue careers in law enforcement, as many police departments are currently understaffed. Sgt. Brantner Smith encourages organizations like Turning Point to inspire and recruit young people to join the profession. The National Police Association advocates for citizens to pay attention to local elections, such as those for county prosecutors, board of supervisors, school boards, and sheriffs. It’s important to support candidates who prioritize the safety and protection of communities.

Misty Phillip is also joined by her husband Peter Phillip who shares his experience with the Citizens Police Academy, which allows participants to get a hands-on experience of being a police officer, and encourages everyone to go through it for increased awareness and empathy. He also shares the importance of honoring those who protect and serve.

Sgt. Betsy Brantner Smith

Sgt Betsy Branter Smith retired in 2009 as a 29-year veteran of a large metropolitan police department in the Chicago suburbs. Beginning her career as a police dispatcher at age 17, Betsy became an officer four years later and has held positions in patrol, investigations, narcotics, juvenile, hostage negotiation, crime prevention and field training.  She received her four year degree from Western Illinois University in 1991, and was a class officer and graduate of the Northwestern University Center for Public Safety’s School of Staff and Command in May of 2001.

As a sergeant, she supervised her department’s K-9 Unit, served as a field training sergeant, recruitment team sergeant, bike patrol coordinator, Crowd Control Bike Team leader, and supervisor of the Community Education/Crime Prevention Unit.  Betsy served on the Elderly Services Team, the Crisis Intervention Team, and was a proud founding supervisory member of NPD’s Honor Guard Unit.  Betsy received numerous awards and commendations from her police department as well as many local and national awards for her performance as a police officer and supervisor.

From 1999 – 2003 Betsy hosted various training programs and was a content expert for the Law Enforcement Television Network (LETN), is currently an on-air commentator and advisor for the Police One Academy and was a featured character in the Biography Channel’s “Female Forces” reality show.

She has been a law enforcement trainer for over 20 years and was a content expert and senior instructor for the Calibre Press “Street Survival” seminar from 2003 through 2012 where she also created the “Street Survival for Women” seminar.  Betsy is a popular keynote speaker at conferences and events throughout the United States and has trained in various international venues. Since 1995, Betsy has authored hundreds of articles for law enforcement, government and civilian publications including Innovations in Government, Police Marksman, Law and Order, Police Chief, Law Officer,,, and various civilian firearms magazines through Harris Publications including “Combat Handguns.” She served on the advisory board of Police Marksman magazine, is currently a featured columnist and video contributor on both Officer.Com and PoliceOne.Com, and is an author, spokesman, and program host for the National Police Association.

National Police Association

The National Police Association defends law enforcement agencies, officers, their supporters and the public using litigation, communications, activism, and advocacy. In addition to filing our own lawsuits and FOIA requests, the NPA reviews lawsuits with the potential to create negative precedents in public safety, officer safety and constitutional rights.

Dave Smith & Associates

This episode sheds light on the sacrifices made by law enforcement officers and the importance of appreciating and supporting them. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of the realities of police work and how we can show our gratitude to those who serve and protect our communities.

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