Episode 8: Missy Lewis – You are Enough

Episode 8: Missy Lewis – You are Enough

We are bombarded with images of perfection. Many women today struggle with self-worth, feeling like they don’t measure up or that they just aren’t enough. Missy Lewis is a woman on a mission to combat the lie that we are not enough!

Missy Lewis is a wife, Momma, and “Minnie” (that’s her grandma name) from rural West Texas. When she’s not playing with her two precious granddaughters, she blogs at themissylewis.com. She is a scribe and a messenger with one urgent message – God loves you just as you are! You are ENOUGH already!


LoveNudge App

LoveNudge App

Are you looking for a fun new way to connect with your hubby, just in time for Valentine’s Day? Then you are going to want to check out this fun new application LoveNudge App!

The LoveNudge app for couples from Moody Publishers Limited is the official 5 love languages application based on the best selling book by Dr. Gary Chapman’s The 5 Love Languages®. We have apps for all kinds of things, to organize our day, track our food intake, and fitness goals. So why not use an app to be intentional with your spouse?

A playful, engaging tool that helps couples experience love more deeply. It's like a fitness app for relationships. Click To Tweet

Peter and I had fun playing with LoveNugde app. Once you register and set the app up, you can add a picture of yourself and then take the 5 love languages quiz. After taking the love language quiz I learned a lot about both myself, my husband and what makes us feel loved!

The Love Nudge App is an insightful tool to help you create a connection with your spouse by knowing their love languages. I was surprised to find out that my #1  love language was Words of Affirmation, but I wasn’t too surprised that Peter’s top love language is Physical Touch.  Quality Time was my #3 love language, but it is Peter’s number #2. Understanding our love languages can help us be intentional in filling one another’s love tank.

The 5 love languages are Physical Touch, Acts of Service, Quality Time, Words of Affirmation, Receiving Gifts. There is a brief description of each of the five love languages, and a short video that accompanies each love language. The allows you to set goals and reminders to do various activities like go on a picnic, date night, or send an encouraging text. Send messages aka love nudges to your spouse through the app. You can rate and measure your love tank, and there is even a stats page to track your love tank progress over time and measure your love goals.

Download the Love Nudge App and be entered to win Dr. Gary Chapman’s #1 New York Times bestseller The 5 Love Languages®, The 5 Love Languages® for Men, AND The Love Languages Devotional Bible (hardback)! To enter and for more details see the giveaway.

Hope you enjoy the Love Nudge App and be sure to share it with your friends on social media!

Much Love,


Misty Phillip

Loneliness in Marriage

Loneliness in Marriage

Hey friends, today I have a special treat for you!  I want to introduce you to my friend, author Sarah Geringer. Sarah is this week’s guest on the By His Grace Podcast.  We initially met online through our blogs and social media. Then we finally got a chance to meet up in person last year in July when we both attended the She Speaks Conference!! Sarah is absolutely precious, and I have really enjoyed getting to know her better.  We are both passionate about encouraging women to know and love Jesus more.

What you may not know is that Sarah and I are both on the contributor team at A Wife Like Me! How cool is that?!?

Just in time for Valentine’s day, we are doing something really special for wives at A Wife Like Me. Join us for  the 14-day challenge and you’ll receive a daily challenge in your inbox that will spark love in your heart and in your marriage. A Wife Like Me is searching for wives JUST LIKE YOU to join us in the mission to spread LOVE to create thriving marriages. Join us the 14 days of love challenge.

14 Days of LOVE Challenge

Starting on 2/1/19, you’ll receive 14 days of practical and simple love challenges that fit into your busy lifestyle yet spice up your routine. I along with several other AWLM Contributors will join our fearless leader Amanda Davison to go Live in the A Wife Like Me Gathering Facebook page to encourage you along the way!

I hope you are enjoying the By His Grace Podcast! People are listening in from all across the United States. This week on the podcast my guest Sarah openly shares about her lifelong struggle with loneliness, and how she found hope through faith and fellowship. Loneliness can strike at any time and for a variety of different reasons, from physical isolation, moving to a new location, divorce, loss of a loved one. However, some people can be surrounded by people, yet feel so very alone. Please welcome Sarah Geringer.

How to Deal With Loneliness in Marriage by Sarah Geringer

Do you deal with loneliness in marriage? I’ve dealt with it frequently in the past 18 years. But I’ve learned how to handle it with God’s help.I’m blessed to write monthly for A Wife Like Me, a beautiful and encouraging site for wives of all backgrounds. Visit the site and join the Facebook group for loads of inspiration and blessings.

Do you deal with loneliness in marriage? I’ve dealt with it frequently in the past 18 years. But I’ve learned how to handle it with God’s help. Click To Tweet

Here’s a snippet from Sarah’s recent post at A Wife Like Me:

Loneliness has long been my unwanted companion. My parents divorced when I was 4, and that’s when loneliness started knocking on my door. It sat at my bedside during childhood, walked beside me in high school, and didn’t leave my side in college.

Loneliness carved a hole in my heart that only God could fill. Yet when I met my husband-to-be, I thought his love would be enough to fill up that hole.

Only two weeks after our wedding, loneliness took up residence in our little-rented room. Its presence shocked me! I thought getting married would banish loneliness forever, but in some ways, I felt its presence more keenly after marriage.

Loneliness can threaten to undermine your marriage. Through our many trials in the past 18 years, I’ve learned ways to set loneliness outside on the porch instead of letting it in.

Please head over to A Wife Like Me to read my three suggestions for overcoming feelings of loneliness in marriage.

If you are on social media I encourage you to follow me there. You can find me on all of the social media channels as Misty Phillip. There are links at the bottom of the page,  and to get the latest from Misty Phillip. Also, I have started a By His Grace Podcast Facebook community, and would love to have you join me there!

No matter what you are going through, or what you struggle with today, I want you to know that YOU ARE LOVED and HIGHLY VALUED by your dear friend Jesus! He wants you to cast your cares on HIM because HE cares for you! Please let me know how I can pray for you!

Much Love,



Misty Phillip

Episode 7: Sarah Geringer – The Isolation of Loneliness

Episode 7: Sarah Geringer – The Isolation of Loneliness

Sarah Geringer has had a life long struggle with loneliness that began childhood when her parents divorced. Loneliness happens for a variety of reasons from physical isolation, moving to a new location, divorce and the loss of a loved, just to name a few. Sarah shares how she has found fellowship in the body of Christ and how loneliness has actually become a gift of grace that caused her to have a deepened relationship, God.

Sarah Geringer writes about Finding Peace in God’s Word at sarahgeringer.com and is the author of three self-published books. She is represented by Michelle Lazurek of WordWise Media Services. Her book on Christian meditation will be published by Leafwood Publishers in October 2019. She lives in her beloved home state of Missouri with her husband and three children.

Follow Sarah on social media:






Standing for Life

Standing for Life

What happened in New York is a tragedy. Elections have ramifications. Who you vote for matters! This week New York passed a law allowing late-term abortions up to nine months. There was thunderous applause when the law passed, and then the One World Trade center light up pink to celebrate. Unbeleivable.

At the end of last year, I was asked to speak at an abortion recovery retreat. I was excited to get to share the grace, forgiveness, and freedom available to all in Jesus Christ.

I posted something on my Facebook page about voting for pro-life candidates in the upcoming election. This is when I found out the person in charge of the retreat and I have differing political ideologies and experiences. She contacted me explaining her stance and offered to allow me to back out. After much prayer and consideration, I decided to let the election pass and tried to reach out to her in love and compassion to explain why I believe it’s important to vote for pro-life candidates. 

Our God created life. Life is important to God, and it should be important to us as Christians. Click To Tweet

Then a few weeks ago she uninvited me to speak because of my unwavering pro-life political stance.

I hadn’t planned on saying anything about it to anyone, even though I had already posted on social media that I would be a speaker at this event. But in light of the legislation that passed in New York this week. I can’t be quiet. Not because I was invited to speak and then uninvited to speak, but because what we stand for matters. As Christians, we have a duty and a responsibility to stand for what is noble, good, and true. 

I am not ashamed of the gospel. 

I will fight for Christian values and morals to be upheld whether it is popular or not.  

Who we put into office matters. We can’t call ourselves Christian, and pro-life and then vote for pro-choice candidates. 

Last week I attended the March for Life in Washington, DC with the http://Savethe1.com team. It was so encouraging to see hundreds of thousands of people peacefully marching for the unborn. Save the 1 is a non-profit organization that advocates for 100% percent pro-life laws, with no exceptions for rape or fetal abnormality. At Save the 1, we believe everyone deserves a chance at life. 

My son Ian and I arrived in Washington, Dc on Thursday and went straight to the Law and Life Summit, and the March for Life Expo. Thursday evening we attended the Save the Storks Ball. http://savethestorks.com Save the Storks is revolutionizing the pro-life movement with its fleet of over 40 buses equipped with mobile medical units and ultrasound machines to help mothers make the choice to chose life. They partner with local pregnancy resources, and up to date have helped saved the lives of over 4,000 babies. 4 out of 5 women who board a Stork bus chose life for their baby.

We had an amazing evening complete with a fantastic line up of pro-life advocating guest speakers, including Vice-President and Second Lady Pence. A highlight of the evening was hearing the Vice-President quote scripture and proclaim the importance of life. Other special guests and entertainers included;

  • Kirk and Chelsea Cameron
  • Eric Metaxas
  • Allie Stuckey
  • Matt Hammitt
  • Steven Curtis Chapman
  • Bob Lenz

Friday morning we assembled on the National Mall to hear conservative radio host Ben Shapiro live podcast to advocate on behalf of the unborn at the March for Life rally. The March feature an incredible lineup of pro-life speakers.

  • Sidewalk Prophets
  • Senator Steve Daines (R-MT)
  • Congressman Dan Lipinski (D-IL)
  • Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ)
  • State Representative Katrina Jackson (D-LA)
  • Ben Shapiro, editor-in-chief of The Daily Wire
  • Abby Johnson, founder of And Then There Were None
  • Dr. Alveda King, Director of Civil Rights for the Unborn with Priests for Life
  • Dr. Kathi Aultman, fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
  • Ally Cavazos, President of Princeton Pro-Life
  • Carl Anderson, Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus
  • Archbishop Joseph Naumann, Chairman of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Pro-life Activities Committee.

While in Washington, DC Save the1 filmed a documentary. After a series of pictures, and interviews with the Save the 1 team we gathered to take a photo in front of this jumbotron that tells the story of several Save the 1 team members. I am humbled to serve alongside such brave men and women who have chosen life in the most difficult of circumstances. 

We made our way to the end of the line near the supreme court and stood on the corner holding our signs and thanking people for marching for almost 4 hours. I was overwhelmed and in awe by the incredible sea of people that flowed through the street for hours on end. There was easily at least a million people in attendance. Men, women, teenagers, children all peacefully assembled to stand for the unborn. 

The March for Life ignited a spark within me. This weeks news is both horrific and unsettling, but it makes me want to shine my light brighter for Jesus. Many Americans are deceived and need to know the truth and hope of Jesus Christ. Please be in prayer for our country, and pray about how you can make a stand.  Matthew 5:14 ESV declares, “You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden.” As our world continues to grow darker, I encourage you to you shine brighter.

Much Love, 


Misty Phillip

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