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Rachael Gilbert: Restoring Body Image

Rachael Gilbert: Restoring Body Image

In today’s episode, Misty Phillip sits with Rachael Gilbert to discuss body image and her new book Image Restored: Tear Down Shame and Insecurity to Experience a Body Image Renovation. 

About Rachael Gilbert

Rachael Gilbert is an author and podcast host with a Master’s in Marriage & Family Therapy. I am now a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate with a private practice in Lewisville, Tx. The real Talk with Rachael podcast aims to bridge the gap between mental and emotional health and faith.

Are you tired of being at war with your body—and your thoughts about your body? As a fitness instructor, Rachael Gilbert struggled with shame when she didn’t measure up to her dream body image. Then, as a licensed counselor, she realized how many of us bury the same painful insecurities. We need restoration from the inside out.

Image Restored: Tear Down Shame and Insecurity to Experience a Body Image Renovation. 

In Image RESTored, Rachael offers professional guidance, coloring pages, Scripture, prayers, journaling prompts, and teaching videos to help you experience true freedom. See your whole self in a new way as you learn:

  • A biblical perspective on eating, fitness, and godly self-confidence.
  • Tools for overcoming comparison and trauma.
  • How to reframe stories that formed your attitude toward your body.
  • Counselor-inspired strategies to help you appreciate how God made you.
  • Ways to use thoughts and feelings, so they help you rather than sabotage you.

Rich with spiritual and therapeutic insights, this Christian body image workbook calls us to experience healing and wellness that grounds us in God’s love and builds us up in truth.

Pre-order Image Restored 

As a thank you for preordering, you will receive access to the Image Restored Private Pop-up Podcast!

  • A private, weekly five-minute encouragement
  • Q & A with Rachael 
  • Filled with the main concepts from the book for an inside-out approach to restoring body image
  • Audio recordings of strong foundation verses
  • Runs from January to March 2023

In addition, you will receive other free downloads, coupon codes from Rachael’s favorite companies, and more!


Robert Beeson: Help for Single Parents

Robert Beeson: Help for Single Parents

Misty Phillip sits down with Robert Benson for a helpful conversation for solo parents on this week’s episode of the By His Grace podcast. Robert shares his personal story of becoming a solo parent looking for guidance. When his wife of 13 years separated from him, he was left to raise his three young daughters on his own. This experience led him to found Solo Parent Society to unify, equip and empower single parents. 


Robert Beeson is a former high-level executive in the music industry who helped develop and guide the success of many major Christian artists, including Micheal W. Smith, Casting Crowns, Jars of Clay, and Third Day. 

Robert co-hosts a Solo Parent Society weekly podcast and has authored a book titled Going Solo: Hope and Healing for the Single Mom or Dad. Robert is also the founder and director of iShine, a Christian media group dedicated to ministering to pre-teens and their families. He is remarried and resides in Tennessee with his daughters and three new stepsons.


Going Solo: Hope and Healing for the Single Mom or Dad

As parents face the complicated reality of a broken home, a sense of being completely overwhelmed can shut down the perspective they need to find restoration. Parents need to know that they can choose to define this season of their lives instead of becoming defined by circumstances. They can deliberately look toward God and come to a deeper understanding of His true nature, power, and personal care.

Robert offers readers some hard-learned lessons and insights on being a practical, empathetic, and empowered single parent, answering crucial questions such as:

  • How do I find peace when everything around me is chaos?
  • How do I manage meeting needs when I have nothing to give?
  • How and where do I begin again?

He addresses the fears and exhaustion of single parenting while revealing the keys to gaining strength and courage for each day. He also shares how he found his “solo” relationship with his heavenly Father through his “solo” parenting season. Readers will learn five helpful habits and practical healing principles they can immediately apply in this season of life.


Get your free e-books here

Group Resources 


Solo Parent helps single parents raise healthy kids. They are on a mission to stop the tragic statistics coming from single family homes. For more information visit their website .

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Jessica Peck: Hope for Teenage Challenges

Jessica Peck: Hope for Teenage Challenges

Misty Phillip sits down with Jessica Peck to discuss challenges facing teens and parents in this week’s episode of the By His Grace podcast. Many teens are battling anxiety, depression, and a host of other issues. She offers help, health, and hope to parents and teens.

On the show, we discuss her new Behind Closed Doors. This book is a practical guide for parents guiding their tweens and teens through cultural change and modern-day health threats.

In Behind Closed Doors: A Guide for Parents and Teens to Navigate Through Life’s Toughest Issues, Jessica L. Peck, DNP, APRN, CPNP-PC, CNE, CNL, FAANP, uses her more than 20 years of experience as a pediatric nurse practitioner (NP) to help clinicians and parents strengthen connections and better communicate with teens.

She created the love your teen communication model, which has 4 steps:

  • Listen with your face
  • Offer open-ended questions
  • Validate their emotions
  • Explore next steps together


Jessica Peck is a pediatric nurse practitioner and mom of four who helps parents escape the secrecy and shame surrounding challenging moments and find freedom in honest conversations grounded in faith in Christ.

As a pediatric nurse practitioner in primary care, over the last 20 years, Jessica Peck has engaged, encouraged, equipped, and empowered families to raise holistically healthy kids. She guides parents to help navigate challenging parenting moments to escape shame and stigma with grace, hope, and courage. Jessica seeks to move the private conversations in the clinic to relationship-building discussions at home.

Jessica Peck is an accomplished author of dozens of clinical articles for peer-reviewed journals. She is a regular contributor to parenting magazines and a frequent guest on radio and television shows to promote children’s health. She has been a regular guest on The Nurse Practitioner Show on Sirius XM’s Doctor Radio and has also appeared on syndicates for CBS, NBC, ABC, and Fox.

Behind Closed Doors: A Guide to Help Parents and Teens Navigate Through Life’s Toughest Issues

Behind Closed Doors is a guided lifeline to help parents assess their teen’s emotional, physical, and spiritual health and help them strengthen their connection with their kids.

Jessica shares her story of broken family relationships, challenges she’s faced raising her teens without guidance from her parents, and lessons learned along the way—personal and professional, good and bad, mundane and miraculous. 

Topics covered include mental health, social media, suicide, sexting, substance abuse, gender identity, and more. This book will encourage and strengthen all parents—married, single, or divorced; grandparents, stepparents, godparents, bonus parents, adopted parents—anyone serving a parental role in a teen’s life.

The book into three sections:

  • Behind the Clinic Door: professional advice for parents on tough teenage issues from a health impact lens, sharing true stories of patients.
  • Behind the Home Door: suggested settings, activities, and question prompts to give parents conversation keys to unlock doors for open dialogue with their teens on tough issues and meet them at their point of need.
  • Behind the Heart Door: a time of reflection and spiritual application for parents to explore devotional readings, relevant Bible verses, Scripture-based prayers for parents, themed Christian music playlists, and prompts to write 12 Legacy Letters, a generational keepsake for teens.

Behind Closed Doors: A Guide to Help Parents and Teens Navigate Through Life’s Toughest Issues is published by Thomas Nelson. You can order the book here.


From Identity to How To Travel Intentionally with Your Teens Without Losing Your Mind, visit her website for free resources.


Dr. Nurse Mama 

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Bob Wheatley: Our Hearts Desire

Bob Wheatley: Our Hearts Desire

Misty Phillip sits down with former professional athlete, author, and podcast host Bob Wheatley to discuss our heart’s greatest desires on the By His Grace podcast. We discuss the single life, and his new book Our Heart’s Desire: How Our Stories Reveal the Thing We Want Most.


Bob Wheatley is an author, podcaster, and former professional athlete. He serves as a co-host of That Singles’ Show, a singles ministry sponsored by KCBI Christian Radio in Dallas, and his work has been featured on other nationally syndicated radio outlets like WAY-FM and THE FISH.

During working hours, Bob serves as the Sales Director at Brand Builders Group, a brand strategy firm in Nashville, Tennessee. Brand Builders Group helps influencers, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs clarify their positioning, expand their reach, and exploit their uniqueness in the service of others. Before joining Brand Builders Group, Bob gained valuable experience in various industries, including military relocation services, financial planning, professional athletics, and more.

After graduating from the University of Southern California, Bob spent four years playing professional baseball for the Toronto Blue Jays and St. Louis Cardinals. During his free time, he enjoys reading and writing, watching sports, and spending time in nature. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee.


Our Heart’s Desire: How Our Stories Reveal the Thing We Want Most

We cannot escape our deepest desire. The human heart longs for many things—love, joy, peace, abundance—but it longs for one thing even more: to experience a love story with God. In his debut work, Bob Wheatley reveals that all our favorite stories provide whispers of this truth.

Why do we tell the same stories again and again? What is it about the hero, the villain, and the love interest in distress that continues to draw us in? Are these just storytelling tactics, or do they teach us something more? Our stories reveal our heart’s cries—we want to live out this story ourselves. With references to The Dark Knight, The Hunger Games, Friends, and dozens of other stories from popular culture, Wheatley walks readers through the three acts of storytelling, revealing how every story we tell reflects God’s ultimate love story.


Being single can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be a bummer. In That Singles’ Show, you’ll meet a couple of friends who are right in your shoes, and you’ll find a place to rest, fit in, and find joy in your season of singleness. Yes, we plan to grow and learn some stuff, and we promise to laugh at the ridiculousness of life, but more than anything, we’re here to remind you that you are NOT alone.

So… you’re single huh? Well then, welcome home, friend! This is That Singles’ Show!

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Deborah Berry: Dangers of Technology

Deborah Berry: Dangers of Technology

On this week’s episode of the By His Grace podcast, Misty Phillip invites Deborah Berry to the By His Grace podcast to share her story.

In today’s digital age, adolescents are being faced with more and more challenges. How can we support our youth to make their safety a priority? What can we do to help give them the tools to navigate through these challenges and grow into positive productive adults?

Deborah shares her story of fighting for her daughter’s life in a world of modern technology. Deborah is the author of The Tech Trap, and she educates parents on the dangers and impact of modern technology on adolescents.

Her Story

Upon discovering her daughter had wandered off into technological weeds at the young age of twelve, Deborah Berry sprang into action based on the belief her daughter was on the verge of being swept away into the sex trade. 

Through a series of painful decisions, the Berrys sent their daughter to a wilderness program, followed by placement in a therapeutic boarding school for middle school girls before moving on to another boarding school for older teens. During her almost four years away, her daughter lived technology-free life except for an iPod.

Determined to educate herself and her daughter, Deborah dove deep into research, exposing the potential traps our youth so easily fall into. She shares the lessons learned in her book, The Tech Trap.

The Tech Trap

Four years of a real-life struggle and all the lessons learned are distilled and masterfully woven into The Tech Trap, a mom’s fight for her daughter in a modern world of technology. The reader will find an emotionally raw and no-nonsense account of a mother’s journey to save her daughter from a damning relationship with social media and technology.

The Tech Trap is written in three well-defined parts that feature a powerful personal story, practical research surrounding the relationship our kids have with technology, and valuable resources for others who are searching for the next steps and need help knowing where to turn.



Free Resources

Be sure to grab your free resources:

Tech Trap Handout – What you Need to Know, and The Scoop on Tim Tok – Why do we love it so much? on Deborah’s website


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